What Are the Top Selling Gifts for Men?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:6 December 2017 

The Men’s Gift Store is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of presents for blokes; this means that customers can get a lot of gift ideas simply by looking at our top selling presents and accessories for gents. To help customers get the perfect gift idea for their recipient, we will discuss some of our bestselling presents for blokes today. So, read on to determine which gifts for men are on the top of the great gifts list this year.

What Gifts Are Best for Men Who Have Everything?

Getting a great gift idea for men who have everything may seem extremely difficult, but it is not impossible with one of the top selling presents for blokes at the Men’s Gift Store, more specifically the experience!

At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find countless experiences in the presents for blokes catalogue. These experiences are suitable for a variety of recipients, so they could certainly make the perfect gift for a man who has it all. Why? Because an experience creates unforgettable memories. So, if you want a great gift idea and the perfect gift for your recipient, then something from our experiences range will do the trick.

What Are the Best-Selling Gifts for Men?

Some presents for blokes sell better than others, and we certainly notice this at the Men’s Gift Store. Through our years of experience, we often find that the perfect gift could lay in our list of bestsellers. So, without further ado, here are some of the bestsellers from our range.

Cooking Classes

While this may surprise many of our customers, a cooking class could be the perfect gift for many Australian men. Of course, the most popular cooking classes in our gift ideas range are always the BBQ cooking classes, so be sure to consider this when you choose a great gift!

Novelty items

Many men like a good laugh, so you could find your great gift in the novelty section of our presents for gents catalogue. Popular choices from this catalogue include the Award Toilet Brush and the Bull Head Spout. So, be sure to browse all the novelty gifts for men before deciding.


It is no surprise that the gadgets in our catalogue of presents for gents always do extremely well amongst recipients. One of our most popular presents for gents is the iPad iBed, which gives recipients a stable base for their tablet while on the sofa. Of course, there are other gadgets and tech-related presents for gents your recipient might appreciate too. Simply check out some of our latest gadgets to find out!

What Are the Best Gifts for Australian men?

There is no general present that covers the personal preferences of every Australian man. Even though they may all be a little patriotic, they can have variable hobbies and likes. So, to determine the best gifts for your recipient, always look at your recipient as the individual, opposed to the Aussie bloke.

When you know little about the preferences of your recipient, try to think back to some of the activities your recipient enjoys. Does he spend a lot of time in restaurants? Or is he quite active? Answers to these simple questions could easily help you choose the best gifts for your Australian recipient.

Still, if all else fails, you can always choose a gift by popularity. Simply use the sorting menu on the Men’s Gift Store website and select “most popular” from the dropdown menu to see the bestselling options first.

What Are Some Top-Selling Luxury Gifts for Men?

Luxury gifts are more popular than you might think amongst Australian men, so this could also be an option for you when you are searching for good gift ideas. Below, we have listed some of our most luxurious choices, enabling you to choose easily and quickly!

The Porsche Day Tour

Every man dreams of driving on the open road in a luxury car. Naturally, not everyone gets that chance, but it may become a reality for some with the Porsche Day Tour from the Men’s Gift Store. During the Porsche Day Tour, your recipient takes a wonderful journey through the most stunning Australian landscapes. Of course, all of this occurs in the comfort of a genuine Porsche.

Furneaux Islands Flight & Stay

A luxurious trip is quite memorable for recipients too, so why not choose the Furneaux Islands Flight & Stay in Victoria. During this experience, your recipient will encounter some of the most beautiful landscapes, so taking a camera is an essential for this one.

Laguiole White Mirror Cutlery Set

Experiences are not the only luxurious presents for men at the Men’s Gift Store, since our range also contains a stunning cutlery set from French cutlery manufacturer Laguiole. Cutlery inside this set is of handmade quality, ensuring that your recipient only gets the best of the best!