Gents Hardware Cufflinks & Tie Clip

Bronze-Coloured Accessories with Keepsake Tin

In a sturdy keepsake tin, this set comes with flat-head screw cufflinks and a nail tie clip. These fashionable accessories are perfect for men who love D.I.Y. and home improvement projects.

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A man who wants dress for success is sure to own at least one pair of cufflinks and a tie clip. For the man who could use a stylish set of men’s accessories, this Gents Hardware Cufflinks & Tie Clip Set makes the perfect gift. It even comes in a vintage-style keepsake tin.

The cufflinks and the tie clip look like they came straight from a man’s workshop, garage, or shed. So they’re a great gift for the Mr. Fix-It you know.

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Our first suggestion from the men’s gifts catalogue is specifically made for the tinkering man, more specifically the Gents Hardware Cufflinks & Tie Clip. The Gents Hardware Cufflinks & Tie Clip are beautiful accessories, but made to resemble screws! In short, a set of accessories from our Australian gifts for men collection that fits your tinkering recipient perfectly.

With the Gents Hardware Cufflinks & Tie Clip from our Australian gifts for men collection, your recipient can display his love for tinkering for everyone to see. Of course, it also provides a fun twist to his formal attire, since it enables him to show his passion even in a formal setting.

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The Men’s Gift Store stocks presents suitable for all types of recipients, so customers will have no problems finding more suitable presents for a tinkerer. To check out the additional options available in our store, simply head over to the main catalogue and browse to your heart’s content!