Men’s Personalised ‘Oxford’ A5 Leather Folio Case

Embossed In-House, Genuine Leather

This distinctive and masculine Oxford Folio case from Brahmen is beautifully crafted in dark brown leather, and is perfect for any student or professional. It is jam-packed with pockets and sleeves, and personalised with a blind emboss.

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Make sure he looks the part at work, school, or university, with our personalised Oxford A5 Folio Case. Made from fine brown leather inside and out, this case will have him organised and stylish for years to come. And, with our subtle-yet-distinctive blind emboss on the bottom right corner, it is sure to be truly unique.

The case is full to the brim with functionality and special features. It fastens shut with a durable snap-button, and has a large zipper pocket at the back. Inside, it features no-less-than 13 card pockets, two bigger slots, and sleeve to hold a notebook in place, and a clear window to display a staff/student card or photograph.

During checkout, simply quote up to four capital letters, and we'll perform our blind-embossing process in-house, to brand the initials deep into the material for a sophisticated personalised finish. Free delivery Australia-wide on items over $99.

As a natural material, leather will have variations in colour, creases and imperfections, making your item unique. These imperfections can include marks or nicks to which the leather can be susceptible during packing, transit and unwrapping. Over time you may see creasing or colour changes, all of which are natural features of leather.

Our leather products include care instructions to ensure your recipient can enjoy their personalised leather accessory for years to come.

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