Black Bow Tie

A Touch of Style & Class

Whether it's for a black tie event, or just to add a bit of fun fanciness to his wardrobe, this simple black bow tie from Buckle is anything but boring. Designed to fit comfortably all night and day with easy adjustment he'll love this fashion addition.

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Black offers the ultimate in style and sophistication for formal events or as the perfect accessory to a casual outfit that needs some extra pizzazz. This Black Buckle Bow Tie features a matching complimentary pocket square for the perfect wardrobe addition.

Measuring a width of 115mm and made from polyester to fit a neck size from 39cm to 50cm, Buckle Bow Ties feature a T-hook mechanism that makes the bow tie easy to adjust but ensures it stays put for the entire wear time. When it comes to men’s gifts, we’ve found Australia’s most unique range of gift ideas for guys of all ages.

The Best Men’s Gifts for Stylish Aussie Men!

There are many Australian men who like to be trendy, so choosing some stylish men’s gifts could certainly prove a good option for a special occasion. At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find countless fashionable men’s gifts that could be a good choice for their recipients. Not quite sure which stylish men’s gifts you should choose? Check out the best of our men’s gifts below and determine the best choice for your recipient.

What Is the First Stylish Gift for Aussie Men?

Our first recommendation from the Australian gifts for men catalogue is our fashionable Black Buckle Bow Tie. The Black Buckle Bow Tie from our Australian gifts for men collection suits every Aussie bloke, since the design of the bow tie matches most suits and smart attire.

The Black Buckle Bow Tie from our Australian gifts for men catalogue measures an ideal 115 millimetres. Since it is made from polyester, the bow tie has some give and fits neck sizes between 39 centimetres and 50 centimetres.

Our Black Buckle Bow Tie from the Australian gifts for men catalogue also has the convenient T-hook mechanism. The T-hook mechanism allows your recipient to easily adjust his bow tie, but also ensures that the bow tie stays in its place.

What Is the Second Stylish Gift for Aussie Men?

The second stylish gift from our Australian gifts for men catalogue is our Charcoal Chattyfeet Sock Set. The Charcoal Chattyfeet Sock Set from the men’s presents catalogue is a set of designer socks, make from the finest brushed cotton.

When you check out our range of designer socks for fashionable men, you will notice that most of the socks from the men’s presents catalogue are made from brushed cotton. There is a reason for this, because brushed cotton comes with countless benefits.

Brushed cotton is a favourite material of many Aussie men, because the material easily provides the most comfortable socks. The material is knitted and not woven; this provides the socks with a more comfortable feel. Brushed cotton is also more durable and dependable, which means it is certainly a good choice from our men’s presents range.

What Is the Third Stylish Gift for Aussie Men?

The stylish man needs easy access to his grooming essentials, so we can certainly recommend getting him a sturdy and reliable toiletries bag. One of the best toiletries bags in our men’s presents catalogue is the Leather Toiletries Bag with Monogram.

Our Leather Toiletries Bag with Monogram from our men’s presents catalogue provides your recipient with loads of benefits where the storage of his essential grooming products is concerned. The Leather Toiletries Bag from our men gifts collection is made from the finest leather, which ensures the toiletries bag is more durable than the average toiletries bag in stores. Of course, the leather also provides a level of protection for the travelling man, who must make sure his essential grooming products stay separated from the clothes in his suitcase. Therefore, the Leather Toiletries Bag from our men gifts collection should be one of the first stylish men gifts on your shortlist.

What Is the Fourth Stylish Gift for Aussie Men?

The fashionable man likes to be stylish from head to toe, so you could consider one of our men gifts that enables the Aussie bloke to do just that. One of these men gifts is the Leather Business Card Holder with Monogram, which enables your recipient to store his important business cards in the most stylish manner.

Like our previous suggestion, the Leather Business Card Holder is made from the finest leather. The leather material ensures that the business cards do not get bend or damaged while on the go, but it also makes the card holder look extra fashionable!

What Is the Fifth Stylish Gift for Aussie Men?

The final stylish gift from the Men’s Gift Store should be considered too, especially because it is one of our most functional stylish gifts, more specifically the Leather East-West Messenger Bag!

Our Leather East-West Messenger Bag from the Men’s Gift Store is made from high-quality leather; this provides your recipient with a messenger bag that can withstand frequent use. The Brown Leather East West Messenger Bag can be personalised with your recipient’s monogram too. Simply add the monogram to the designated field on the website, and the Men’s Gift Store will take care of the rest.

Where Can I Find More Fashionable Gifts for Men at the Men’s Gift Store?

Customers can easily find more fashionable men’s gifts in our collection, since our catalogue is packed with them. If you need more inspiration for the fashionable man, be sure to check out the other stylish items in our collection. We are sure you will find something suitable for your recipient.