Mighty Wallet Simpsons

Tough, Yet Lightweight Tyvek Billfold

Don't have a cow, man! This waterproof and tear-resistant billfold keeps your cash and your credit cards safe throughout the day. The wallet measures 20 x 8 x 0.3cm when open, making it compact and convenient.

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Cowabunga! How cool is this wallet? It's covered in all the best Simpsons characters. And when we say covered, we mean covered. But as cool as the Mighty Simpsons Wallet looks, it's even cooler on the inside. If you tend to be rough on your billfold, this wallet can handle you and your lifestyle.

Made with durable Tyvek, a high-density fiber, the Mighty Simpsons Wallet resists water and tearing. Oh, and did we mention that It's lightweight and compact?

Are you a massive Simpsons fan? Pick up the Mighty Simpsons Wallet today! You won't be disappointed. Forewarning: your friends may be super jealous, so we recommend giving this billfold as a birthday or Christmas gift to quell their jealousy-induced rage.

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Which Simpsons character influences your choice of novelty gifts for boyfriend?

The Simpsons has been an institution for decades now, and whether you are a die-hard fan or have simply lived in a world with television and the internet, we all know at least something about the iconic family. When choosing the novelty gifts for boyfriend, finding something specifically Simpsons related or not can be easily dissected with these handy tips.

Is he a Homer or a Bart kind of guy?

When we think of Homer Simpson, we all know what he wants; beer, food and anything ridiculous. Why not help him channel his inner Homer with the classic wall mounted singing fish? Or similarly a parrot that hurls insults at those around it? Help him open beers quicker with a novelty bottle opener; or perhaps assist him in remembering his body parts with a soap that tells him which is for his face and which is for his behind. Finally why not relive Homer and Marge’s day spa getaway by indulging in a visit to hot springs with lunch, complete with an extra little gift of a condiment gun so he can shoot his hotdogs with sauce, instead of Marge’s face with makeup?

If your guy is more of a Bart kind of fellow, choosing novelty gifts for boyfriend will be easy. Anything where he can get up to mischief or play a prank will surely delight. Playing cards for grifting or a book of cop-outs and alibis to get out of those sneaky situations, are the perfect gift to complement anything adrenalin inducing, like a motorbike ride if skateboards aren’t his wheels of choice.

Which novelty gifts for boyfriend best match your Lisa or Marge kind of guy?

Lisa – the smartest Simpson – loves books, social justice, animals and finding any way to outsmart her pain of a brother. If your guy has a wicked sense of humour, and loves to read – combine the two in your novelty gifts for boyfriend! A book of zingers and put-downs is ideal, or help him make more sense of the new world of hipsters with a history of the movement – after all Lisa is one of the original hipsters! You could take him on a visit to the local art gallery or museum, and then present him with a plasma ball or globe of the world to keep his curious mind buzzing.

Marge is loving, practical and thrifty (she has to be thrifty to counter all the crazy antics Homer and Bart get up to). Why not indulge those qualities in your novelty gifts for boyfriend and get him the best Simpsons gift of all, the Mighty Wallet Simpsons. That way he can keep his hard earned money secure in style – safe from the Homers in his life, while showing those around him his love for pop culture’s favourite family, just like Marge does daily!