Smart Power - Executive

A Dual Functioning Wallet and Power Bank

This nifty little device functions as both a wallet and a power bank your charging your phone and devices. Features a stylish PU cash with 3 pockets for cards, and comes with a USB to micro USB cable.

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Replace your wallet with the Smart Power – Executive, and never worry about your phone going flat again! The PU casing contains 3 compartments for cards and cash, and the power bank fits comfortably in your pocket.

Charge the power bank by using the cable provided to plug it into the USB port of a power supply. Use a 500-1000 mAh adapter when charging from a power plug (a full charge will take approx. 7 hours). Not for use with tablets.

And then, when you would like to charge your phone or device, simply connect a cable from the power bank’s USB output, and into the charge port of your device. The cable provided can be used for most Android phones. Output: current 800 MA; voltage 4.5-5 V). Charges an iPhone 7 in approx. 4hr.

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