The Cesare Concept Black Leather Watch

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This sexy, elegant watch from Lambretta is named after the admirable explorer and traveller Dr Cesare Battaglini. He crossed every continent on a Lambretta scooter from 1956 to 1959. What a man! And what a man's gift!

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Elegant men's fashion gifts that make simple, yet strong statements are always a winner. This Cesare Concept Black Leather watch is simple, sleek and styled after the era when Dr Cesare Battaglini went on his adventure with his trusty Lambretta.

Oozing with glamour and sophistication, this men's fashion gift is sure to get admiring looks. Its understated style means it's fit for any occasion and outfit, even the most casual clothes. Just like Dr Battaglini, the watch is prepared for anything!

If you know men who have a fondness for the Madmen era, or just love classic style, this is the watch for them. It's a men's fashion gift with impeccable features and a reliable performance, just like a Lambretta scooter. We want your shopping experience to be pleasurable at the Men's Gift Store, so we make shopping as easy as possible for you with a huge range of gifts for all tastes and budgets.