21st Birthday

Know a special someone who's turning 21? You've come to the right place for Australia's ultimate selection of 21st birthday gifts for men. Featuring a range of age-specific birthday presents along with carefully selected men's birthday gift ideas, there's sure to be something perfect for every guy; in our 21st birthday gift range.

Be Original for a 21st Birthday, Choose One of the Suggested Men’s Gifts from the Men’s Gift Store!

A 21st birthday is an important milestone, so choosing good men’s gifts for this momentous occasion is important. Of course, you will need some birthday presents ideas for men before you can make that decision. So, why not count on the Men’s Gift Store and their selected 21st birthday gifts for men below?

Which 21st Birthday Men’s Gifts Do You Recommend for Tech & Gadget Lovers?

Tech and gadget men’s gifts are extremely popular amongst 21-year-olds, so anything suggested in this category is a reliable choice to fall back on if you do not know the personal preferences of your recipient.

There are many men’s gifts to choose from, but a pair of wireless speakers tends to be a good choice for most 21-year-olds. The Men’s Gift Store has several wireless speakers in its birthday gifts for men catalogue; this ranges from standard speakers to waterproof wireless speakers.

Tech and gadget lovers might appreciate some decals they can customise their tech with too. Nowadays, customers can find many decals for tech; this includes the latest Star Wars Decals from our birthday gifts for men catalogue.

In addition to the tech gifts we already suggested, also be on the lookout for birthday gifts for men that can be built by the recipient from scratch. At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find birthday gifts for men suitable for men who like to build their own tech, including a boombox speaker and a Smartphone controlled plane!

What 21st Birthday Gifts Do You Recommend for Recipients Who Love Jokes?

We can guarantee there is at least one joker in your circle of friends and family. You can recognise the joker by his practical jokes, but also by his love for novelty birthday presents. So, if your joker friend or relative is celebrating his 21st birthday, here are some of our top suggestions.

One of the first places to search is our range of novelty books, which tends to do well amongst 21-year-olds. One good example of a suitable novelty book is How to Swear Around the World, containing the best swear words in a variety of languages. For a 21st birthday, you could also choose the fitting 100 Reasons to Panic About Being a Grownup.

When you look a little closer at our catalogue with birthday present ideas for a 21st birthday, you will also notice some novelty grooming and body care products. One such a product is the Look! It’s Jesus Gift Set, which contains some Jesus Soap and a book featuring the most outlandish appearances of Jesus. In short, the perfect gift for anyone who likes to poke fun at religion.

What 21st Birthday Gifts Do You Recommend for Daredevils?

Is your recipient a true daredevil? Then you could certainly delight your recipient with an adventurous experience in one of Australia’s most exciting locations. At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find many experiences just like that, so look no further if you want to gift a thrilling surprise.

The range of daredevil experience at the Men’s Gift Store changes constantly; this to provide customers with something new each time they visit the Men’s Gift Store for a thrill-seeking gift. One of the latest additions to this range is the Stunt Driving Experience in Melbourne, where your recipient can enjoy jumping ramps, 360-degree spins, and more under the watchful eye of a qualified stunt driving instructor.

Of course, your recipient does not need to sit in a car to enjoy something daring. At the Men’s Gift Store, we also provide experiences in the great outdoors. Your recipient could receive an abseiling experience, or maybe he would prefer camping over the edge of a cliff? These are all possibilities when you choose the daring experiences of the Men’s Gift Store.

What 21st Birthday Gifts Do You Recommend for a Party Animal?

One of the things party animals like to do is have a good drink. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy something drink-related for a party animal recipient.

The first suggestion is one of the drinking games from the Men’s Gift Store. You could choose something classic like Shot Glass Roulette, or maybe a collection of drinking games such as 51 Drinking Games.

Alternatively, you could choose a fun experience for a party animal recipient. You could choose a beer tour or a sophisticated wine tasting, whichever fits your recipient best!

What Other 21st Birthday Gifts Could I Buy from the Men’s Gift Store?

There are many other 21st birthday gifts you could obtain from the Men’s Gift Store. Simply head over to our catalogue for 21st birthday and get some 21st birthday present ideas for men. Alternatively, you can count on our team to provide you with some recommendations and suggestions.