Banana Leaf Wall Art IXXI

With Contemporary Card and Connector Design

This beautiful piece of card and connector art has a retro charm with a modern twist. It comes with waterproof, tear-resistant, and UV-resistant cards, as well as an instruction manual.

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This IXXI Banana Leaf Wall is a wonderful gift for the guy whose home is his sanctuary. It’s modern, stylish, and sure to act as a calming home accessory. The artwork features an ingenious connector and card design, giving the assembled piece a lovely tiled appearance.

The set includes: 20 Synaps cards, white connectors, a hanging strip, TESA powerstrips, click stick, drawing pins, and instructions. Assembled Banana Leaf Wall Art measures 80 x 100cm.

Sometimes a man just needs to escape to a tropical island. This IXXI Banana Leaf Wall Art has the power to turn any home into a cool, calming vacation dream. It makes a great 30th birthday gift! We even offer premium gift-wrapping, so you can save time and personalise this awesome present. Gift-wrapping service is available from your Men’s Gift Store cart.