40th Birthday

When it comes to finding the perfect men's 40th birthday presents, Mens Gift Store is Australia's best online shopping destination. Whether it's cufflinks for the stylish man's birthday, some new BBQ gifts for the guy who loves to cook, or perhaps an experience voucher is the perfect gift for him to try something new and create amazing birthday memories. Whatever his interests are, we've got the best birthday gifts for men right here to celebrate his 40th birthday, ready to deliver direct to his door.

Give a 40-Year-Old Recipient the Gift of a Lifetime from the Men’s Gifts Catalogue!

Like a 21st or 30th birthday, a 40th birthday is certainly a milestone. So, getting the right men’s gifts for a 40th birthday can require a lot of searching. Fortunately, you can count on the Men’s Gift Store and an awesome range of 40th birthday gifts for men. Need some suggestions from this men’s gifts catalogue? Check out our suggestions for a 40th birthday below!

What 40th Birthday Gifts Should I Buy for a Wine Lover?

There are many men’s gifts for 40-year-old wine lovers at the Men’s Gift Store; this ranges from quality bottles of wine to novelty wine accessories.

One example of a wine accessory from our men’s gifts catalogue is the Bull Head Bottle Spout. A bottle spout with a unique bull design, the Bull Head Bottle Spout can be placed on any wine bottle and pour their favourite bottle of wine.

In addition to exquisite wines and wine accessories from the birthday gifts for men catalogue, customers could also consider a wine tasting for their recipient. If your recipient loves wine and is celebrating his 40th birthday, one of our wine tastings in Australia’s best wine regions will go down well.

What Accessories Could I Buy for a 40th Birthday?

Contrary to popular belief, women are not the only ones who appreciate some accessories for a 40th birthday. Therefore, be sure to consider some of the accessories in our birthday gifts for men range too!

One of the accessories from the birthday gifts for men catalogue you should certainly consider is a luxury watch. A watch is a gift that is functional, but also an accessory that men do not mind wearing daily.

In the birthday gifts for men range at the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find various designer watches. One of the designer brands our store offers is OOZOO, a Dutch watch brand every man loves! Check out our OOZOO watches today and find the perfect watch for your recipient.

What Should I Buy for the 40th Birthday of a Beer Lover?

Many men enjoy a nice selection of beer, so choosing one of the beer gifts from the Men’s Gift Store could also be a good choice for a 40th birthday.

At the Men’s Gift Store, we offer a variety of original beer gifts. We offer gift hampers filled with some of the finest Australian and international beers. We also provide custom beer glasses and even beer tasting experiences throughout Australia. In short, the perfect selection of beer gifts for serious Australian beer lovers.

What Should I Buy for the 40th Birthday of a Car Lover?

Anything short from buying a car, it is difficult to please a car lover. Of course, there are other things you could be buying for a car lover, which you might not have considered yet.

One of the things you could buy for a car lover is an accessory for the car; this could include some covers or even some fluffy dice to hang on the front mirror. However, the Men’s Gift Store has something even better, a range of car-related experiences.

At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find various driving experiences. These driving experience could be renting a luxury car for the day, a racing experience, and even a stunt drive in a stunt car. So, whether your car-loving recipient is a thrill-seeker or just a relaxed driver, there is something suitable in our store for each type of car lover.

What Should I Buy for the 40th Birthday of a Whisky Lover?

Many Australian men like a glass of whisky, especially men celebrating a milestone such as their 40th birthday. Fortunately, the Men’s Gift Store stocks many whisky-related gifts. Some are traditional, while others offer a novelty twist on a classic gift.

One of the whisky-related gifts found at the Men’s Gift Store is a selection of designer whisky glasses. At the Men’s Gift Store, you can find designer whisky glasses from several well-known brands; this includes Eva Solo and Waterford. Simply pick your preferred design and give your recipient the opportunity to drink his favourite whisky from a real designer glass.

Naturally, the Men’s Gift Store offers quality whisky too. Check out some awarded whiskies including Glenmorangie and Jameson, and discover which whisky fits your recipient best!

Where Can I Get More Ideas for the 40th Birthday of My Recipient?

Do you need more inspiration before you can choose a 40th birthday gift for your recipient? Check out our 40th birthday gifts catalogue to discover more awesome gifts for the special man in your life!

The Men’s Gifts Store can assist you during your search for the perfect 40th birthday present. To use our experience and knowledge, simply contact the Men’s Gift Store through the instant messaging system on the website.