50th Birthday

So he's turning the big Five-O, it's time to spoil him, and luckily for all the men celebrating their 50th birthday, at Men's Gift Store we've tracked down Australia's coolest 50th birthday gifts for men so you don't have to waste time looking. We offer gift wrapping services and order tracking direct to his door so you can find the perfect birthday gift for him without all the hassle.

Discover What You Could Buy for a 50th Birthday from Our Men’s Gifts Catalogue!

Are you looking for some men’s gifts that could be gifted for a 50th birthday? If you are, be sure to read through some of our recommended men’s gifts below, which were specifically picked out by the Men’s Gift Store for a 50th birthday!

What Should I Buy for a Beer Lover Celebrating His 50th Birthday?

If you are buying something for a beer lover’s 50th birthday, you will have countless men’s gifts at the Men’s Gift Store to choose from. Beer lovers are easy to buy for, because you could delight them with personalised beer glasses, beer hampers, and even a beer experience from our men’s gifts catalogue.

One of the birthday gifts for men you could consider for the 50th birthday of a beer lover is the Urban Beer Odyssey for 2. The Urban Beer Odyssey for 2 will take your recipient and his companion along some of the best Australian breweries. Of course, your recipient can also try some delightful beers as well as delicious foods during his visit.

You could also choose one of our beer hampers from the birthday gifts for men catalogue. The most popular beer hamper in the birthday gifts for men catalogue is the Premium United Nations of Beer Hamper, which contains premium beers such as Hoegaarden and Chimay White Trappist. So, an excellent choice for beer lovers!

What Should I Buy for the 50th Birthday of Someone Who Likes Relaxing?

For the 50th birthday of someone who likes to relax, we recommend one of the pampering experiences in our birthday gifts for men catalogue. You could choose one of our individual relaxing experiences, but also a relaxing experience suitable for couples.

If you prefer to gift a couple experience, we recommend the Elevation Float Couple’s Experience from our birthday gifts for men range. During this experience, participants are placed in a sensory deprivation pod, filled with a mixture of Epsom salts and water. Thanks to the mixture of water and salt, the body and muscles can relax completely.

Customers who prefer to gift an individual relaxing experience for the 50th birthday of their recipient could also choose one of the mobile massages in our birthday gifts for men catalogue. During such an experience, your recipient can enjoy a relaxing massage from the convenience of his own home, it does not get more relaxing than that!

What Should I Buy for the 50th Birthday of a Foodie?

If your recipient is a foodie, there are countless gift choices available to you. Foodie hampers are usually a good choice, but you could also consider some cutlery sets, cooking tools, and more.

One option for a foodie at the Men’s Gift Store is the Winter Slow Cooker Gift Set. The Winter Slow Cooker Gift Set contains a quality 6-litre slow cooker, complemented by a recipe book that contains some hearty meals that can be cooked in the slow cooker.

Another option from the Men’s Gift Store is a cutlery set such as the Laguiole 3-Piece Cheese Set in Red. The Laguiole 3-Piece Cheese Set in Red contains three pieces of handcrafted cutlery, created by well-known French brand Laguiole. The set includes a meat cleaver, cheese knife, and pate knife, so these things are bound to be used by a foodie who regularly enjoys some of world’s finer foods.

What Should I Buy for the 50th Birthday of a Whisky Lover?

Many 50-year-old men enjoy a nice glass of whisky, so choosing a whisky-related gift may not be such a bad idea. At the Men’s Gift Store, you can find several original choices. Even though we have quality whiskies such as Jameson and Glenmorangie available, there are some unique whisky accessories you cannot miss out on either!

One of the whisky accessories you could gift for a 50th birthday is the Sparq Whiskey Lovers Glass & Sphere Set. Inside the set, men can find a designed whisky tumbler, but also a special sphere that can keep whisky chill and cool without melting. So, if your recipient is tired of having his whisky diluted by ice cubes, check out the Sparq Whiskey Lovers Glass & Sphere Set!

Where Can I Find More Birthday Presents Ideas for Men Celebrating Their 50th Birthday?

Do you need more birthday present ideas for someone celebrating his 50th birthday? If so, be sure to head over to our 50th birthday gifts catalogue, where you can find more awesome gifts suitable for a 50-year-old man.

Alternatively, customers can contact the Men’s Gift Store team for some recommendations. Our team has years of experience with men’s gifts, so we can certainly provide you with some suggestions to match your recipient. Contact our team today via instant messaging, telephone, email, or website form for more information!