50 Years Beer Stein

Celebrate becoming 50 with beer!

It's the big 5.0. and this fantastic beer stein is the way. The perfect keepsake birthday gift for those who enjoy a cold beer, this is one that will be remembered!

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It's good to make a mark when you give a gift, isn't it? With our 50 Years beer stein you'll make a nifty fifty year old very happy! The stein is made from high quality glass, so it'll look and feel premium. It features '50 Years' beautifully embossed – making it a personal and special birthday gift, which he'll love using to toast himself!

We love birthdays at the Men's Gift Store, because we know blokes love to party! And what better way to start a new decade than celebrating with your own special glass. If you want a present for a 50 year old whose has other tastes, we've got plenty more fantastic gifts for those reaching their impressive half century. We've got fun, novelty gifts, as well as a host of all kinds of special presents catering to all budgets. See, we think of everyone at the Men's Gift Store!

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Top Beer Gifts for Men at the Men’s Gift Store!

Whether you need Christmas gift suggestions for men or birthday gifts for men, the Men’s Gift Store always recommends one of the beer gifts available in our catalogue. Many men like a good bottle of beer, so choosing one of the recommended men’s gifts from our beer catalogue will certainly be appreciated for any special occasion! Check out our suggestions below and give your recipient a wonderful, beer-related surprise.

Which Christmas Gift Suggestions for Men Do You Recommend from the Beer Range?

The Men’s Gift Store has countless Christmas gift suggestions for men, especially where our range of beers and beer accessories is concerned. Of course, the team at the Men’s Gift Store has its own personal favourite, so here are the Christmas gift suggestions for men we would not mind receiving during the holiday season!

One of the first Christmas gift suggestions for men we always provide is the Beer Connoisseur Set. Inside this set, you will find a selection of designer beer glasses, each designed to optimise the taste and the aroma of a specific beer. So, for the beer lover, these glasses from our men’s gifts catalogue are bound to become essentials.

Another beer gift from our men’s gifts catalogue we would not mind receiving ourselves as a gift is the Urban Beer Odyssey for 2 in Melbourne. Even though this is not a physical gift, it is an experience that will create unforgettable memories, and enable your recipient to try some of the finest beers along the way. So, what is not to love about this gift?

Which Beer Gifts Could I Obtain for a Birthday?

There are many suitable birthday gifts for men in our beer catalogue; this goes from personalised beer glasses to the finest selection of beers in a beautiful gift hamper. So, without further ado, here are our suggested birthday gifts for men from the beer catalogue.

One of our suggestions from the men’s gifts range is the 50th (or other age) Birthday Beer Stein. AT the Men’s Gift Store, you can find a personalised beer glass for any milestone birthday; this includes 18, 30, 40, 50, etc. So, if your recipient needs a good beer glass, then this beer stein from our men’s gifts collection will be loved on his birthday!

Buying something for a beer lover, but not quite sure which beers he prefers? No need to worry, since this is a common problem many of our customers face. To provide a suitable solution, the Men’s Gift Store created a beer hamper that contains some of the finest beers in the world. However, you could also choose a beer hamper that contains the finest beers from Australia’s microbreweries, the MicroBreweries of Australia Hamper.

Inside our MicroBreweries of Australia Hamper, customers can find several craft beers, hand-selected by our expert team. It includes craft beer classics such as Burleigh’s Brewing My Wife’s Bitter, but also Lord Nelson Three Sheets Pale Ale, Murray Craft Brewing Co. Angry Man Pale Ale, and many others. The beer hamper also contains a fine selection of the best savoury nibbles, so your recipient will have a lot to discover on his birthday if you decide to gift him this wonderful beer hamper.

Is your recipient still missing a proper birthday party this year? Then, why not delight him with one of the other beer experiences, available in the birthday gifts for men catalogue of the Men’s Gift Store?

One of our suggested beer experiences from the birthday gifts for men catalogue is the Dash of Brisbane Brewery Tour. As the name suggests, this experience takes your recipient along some of the finest Microbreweries in the country, but also along some of the finest bars. So, with this experience from our birthday gifts for men catalogue, your recipient can celebrate his birthday in style!

Naturally, the Men’s Gift Store offers several experiences in its catalogue. Some experiences are meant for one participant, while others can have multiple participants. So, if you are planning to provide your recipient with a surprise birthday party, which includes touring some of the finest breweries in the country, you could consider one of our additional experiences for multiple participants.

Can I Contact the Men’s Gift Store Regarding Questions About Beers and Beer Accessories?

With a large range of beers, beer accessories, and beer experiences to choose from, it is not uncommon for customers to have some additional questions. The Men’s Gift Store is always happy to help its customers, so if you are left with any questions, feel free to contact our friendly and helpful team.

To contact the Men’s Gift Store regarding their beer gifts, please contact our team via email, instant messaging, or telephone. We will be more than happy to help you further.