Period Gardens Book

A Stroll Through UK, Europe & Australia

Learn how to create beautiful gardens to bring out the best in period homes. Blend the old with the new, choose appropriate plants and create a beautiful garden haven to enjoy.

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He’ll be an historical garden expert thanks to Period Gardens: Landscapes For Gardens With History by Myles Baldwin. This beautifully presented book follows case studies across Australia, Europe and the UK, to uncover garden secrets from time periods from the Renaissance right through to Modernism.

This beautiful gardening gift book includes information to help re-create historical garden themes, while continuing to celebrate modern gardens. This beautiful book is all about creating garden that celebrates a home’s heritage rather than just copying gardens of times gone by.

Discussing issues such as landscaping materials, plant selection and more; this is a book for men who love to get their hands dirty outside, and we think he’ll adore the information and inspiration inside this book. Upgrade to our premium gift wrapping service to ensure the most beautiful gift for him from Men’s Gift Store.

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The “Period Gardens” book from the birthday gifts for men catalogue uncovers gardening secrets through various time periods; this includes the Renaissance as well as modern times. Considering “Period Gardens” from our birthday gifts for men range contains a treasure-trove of information, it is also suitable for men who are just starting out on their gardening journey.

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Where Can I Find More Information About the Gardening Gifts at the Men’s Gift Store?

Each of our products is accompanied by a detailed product description page, so customers can usually find an answer to their questions by reading the product description pages. However, if you cannot find the answer to your question on the website, you can always contact the Men’s Gift Store via email, telephone, or instant messaging. Our team will certainly help you further.