Waterford Brady Crystal Decanter Set

Top-Quality Crystal Barware for the Home or Office

For the lovers of premium tanned spirits, comes this elegant set featuring a crystal decanter with a deep cross-hatch pattern, and two matching whisky glasses. By Waterford, the leader in crystalware.

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Here we have the ideal gift set for lovers of fine spirits and tasteful barware. The Waterford Brady Crystal Decanter Set features a top-quality crystal decanter with the iconic Marquis-style of cross-cut patterning, and two matching Double Old Fashioned whisky glasses, from the world’s best manufacturer of premium crystal glassware.

The set is fashioned from spectacular lead-free crystal, with remarkable clarity and impressive weight. The pattern has been cut deep into the exterior of all three items, resulting in a bold geometric effect, and the decanter features a trendy and dramatic oversized glass stopper. This set is sure to be treasured by even the most discerning eye for premium barware.

Dimensions: Decanter 10x20cm and 739ml; glasses 8x10cm and 325ml.

Care: Hand wash in warm soapy water, and dry with a soft, lint-free towel.

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