60th Birthday

He's going to love celebrating turning sixty thanks to Men's Gift Store. No more boring birthday gifts, we've found a fun range of age birthday gifts for men, because dull just isn't good enough. When it comes to men's 60th birthday gifts it's all about fun and celebrating another year gone by, because birthdays should be all about celebrating the life of the lucky birthday guy of course.

Discover the Best Men’s Gifts for Men Celebrating Their 60th Birthday!

A 60th birthday is quite a milestone! At the Men’s Gifts Store, customers can find countless men’s gifts for such a big occasion, suitable for a variety of recipients. Read on to discover our suggested men’s gifts for a 60th birthday, as well as men’s gifts for other special occasions!

What Novelty Men’s Gifts Do You Suggest for a Man Celebrating His 60th Birthday?

Since 60 is a big milestone, you could choose one of our novelty birthday gifts for men, which could provide some giggles during the birthday celebrations. There are several birthday gifts for men you could consider, including virtual reality glasses and custom tumblers!

One of our novelty birthday gifts for men is quite functional, more specifically a bathroom organiser set, the perfect gift for a man who can never find his bathroom stuff! With the Bathroom Organiser Set from our birthday gifts for men catalogue, your recipient can easily store his toothbrush, razor, toothpaste and even wedding ring. So, why not make your recipient’s life a little easier as well as provide some giggles on his birthday?

Of course, you can take it one step further for someone that has a good sense of humour. For example, you could play on the fact that the person is celebrating their 60th, with our Inflatable Zimmer Frame from the birthday gifts for men collection!

With the Inflatable Zimmer Frame, your recipient is going to fly through his birthday party. Say goodbye to losing your balance or having problems getting up, because this Inflatable Zimmer Frame will be your recipient’s new best friend.

What Are the Best Traditional Gifts for a 60th Birthday?

If your recipient would rather not get laughed at because of his age, then it is best to choose a traditional gift for a 60th birthday. This leaves you with plenty of options though, because you could choose presents such as books, gourmet hampers, whisky sets, and more!

One of the gift hamper we could recommend for a 60th birthday is the White Wine & Nibbles Gift Hamper, which contains a genuine bottle of Robert Oatley Wine and various gourmet treats. It is a suitable gift for a 60-year-old foodie, but also for a wine collector who only keeps the finest bottles of wine in his wine cellar.

If your recipient loves to garden, then you could choose one of the gardening books from our range too. One book that is popular for a 60th birthday is the Rural Australian Gardens book. Inside this book, recipients can find countless tips on how to get the perfect rural garden, but also find beautiful photographs of the most impressive rural Australian gardens.

Of course, you could also treat your recipient to a nice day out, for example with a nice beer tour in one of Australia’s finest beer cities. The Men’s Gift Store offers several beer tours and gourmet experiences that may be suitable for your recipient, so check out some of the options for some inspiration!

What Christmas Gifts Do You Suggest for a 60-Year-Old Man from the Men’s Gifts Catalogue?

When it comes to Christmas, you can fall back on a reliable choice such as a good bottle of whisky, wine, or gourmet treats. Even if you are not that familiar with personal preferences, you can still choose a gift hamper to make sure your recipient gets a Christmas gift he likes.

One of the options for a 60-year-old during the holiday season is the Ardbeg Quadrant Whiskey Pack. Inside the Ardbeg Quadrant Whiskey Pack, customers can find two genuine Ardbeg tumblers and a bottle of Ardbeg whisky. At the time of this article, the Men’s Gift Store has a limited-edition gift box from Ardbeg available, so be sure to grab yours before they are all gone!

Another good option could be a nice board game or an original deck of cards. Many men like to play a game of cards with their friends and family, especially during the holiday season. At the Men’s Gift Store, you can find basic board games and cards, but also gold-plated playing cards that may leave a lasting impression on your recipient.

Where Can I Get More Gift Ideas for a 60-Year-Old Recipient?

Customers can easily get more gift ideas for a 60-year-old recipient by checking out our extensive catalogue. We have an entire category just for 60-year-old recipients, where you can effortlessly choose something that fits your recipient.

Do you need some help choosing the right gift for your 60-year-old recipient? Or do you have a question about any of the gifts in our 60th birthday category? Feel free to contact the Men’s Gift Store for additional information. Contact us via email, telephone, instant messaging, or webform, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.