Inflatable Zimmer Frame

Great Gag Gift for Over-the-Hill Birthday Parties!

Tease an aging friend or give a Halloween costume some extra zing with this premium quality Inflatable Zimmer Frame. It measures 90cm tall and is light enough to carry.

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What’s the point of celebrating a milestone birthday if you can’t have a little fun with the birthday boy or girl? This Inflatable Zimmer Frame is a hilarious way to tease a good friend or family member. It’s also a great addition to Halloween costumes and plays with geriatric characters.

Just be careful when using the Inflatable Zimmer Frame as it provides no stability whatsoever. Though this might make it perfect for a hilarious prank or stage stunt! Sky’s the limit!

Use our premium gift-wrapping service and let us do all the hard work for you. We’ll even send the gift on its way! And for orders over $99 AU, Men’s Gift Store offers free Australia-wide delivery.

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At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find novelty men’s gifts for a variety of special occasions; this includes birthdays, but also Christmas, Father’s Day and more. Today, we will cover some of our personal favourites. So, if you wish to put a smile on your recipient’s face with one of our men’s gifts, be sure to check our recommendations below.

Which Birthday Gifts for Men Could Make My Recipient Laugh?

We have quite a few suggestions from our birthday gifts for men range. Some may seem quite unusual, but we can guarantee that any of these birthday gifts for men will be appreciated by your recipient!

Our first suggestion in our birthday gifts for men overview is the Inflatable Zimmer Frame, the perfect way to poke some fun at a recipient who is celebrating a milestone birthday. Still, your recipient won’t have to worry about this gift taking up too much space, since it is inflatable, it can easily be put away.

Another novelty gift in our birthday gifts for men overview is the Charcoal Bathroom Organiser Set. With this novelty gift you are not poking fun at your recipient, you are giving him the perfect tool to keep his bathroom organised. With the Charcoal Bathroom Organiser Set, your recipient has the perfect spot to store his toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, and even rings. He will never misplace anything again!

Which Christmas Gift Ideas for Men Will Make My Recipient Laugh?

We have many Christmas gift ideas for men that will put a smile on your recipient’s face too. One of these Christmas gift ideas for men is the Picnic Table Condiment Set. With the Picnic Table Condiment Set from our overview of Christmas gift ideas for men, your recipient will have the perfect decoration to hold his favourite condiments, which includes his ketchup, mustard, pepper, salt, and more!

There are more novelty Christmas gift ideas for men we can suggest, including novelty men’s gifts from the grooming section. One such a gift from the novelty men’s gifts catalogue is the Gents Hardware Brick Soap. As the name already indicates, this piece of soap looks like an actual brick, which makes it perfect for builders or handy recipients!

Our last suggestion for Christmas is the Drinkopoly Drinking Game, which will certainly put a smile on multiple people’s faces on Christmas Eve. The game takes a whole new approach to the old-fashioned drinking games you might have played on Christmas Eve. Therefore, it is certainly a novelty gift that will be appreciated by more people than just your recipient.

Which Novelty Father’s Day Gifts Are Available at the Men’s Gift Store?

Many dads will appreciate a novelty gift on Father’s Day, because traditional Father’s Day gifts get old real fast! Here are our top suggestions to surprise your dad on Father’s Day!

One of the first things we always suggest for Father’s Day is a novelty barbecue utensil. Fortunately, we have the perfect choice lined up for you at the Men’s Gift Store in the form of the Maverick Dad Spatula & Bottle Opener!

The Maverick Dad Spatula & Bottle Opener combines everything your dad needs during a barbecue into one, a bottle opener to open his fresh beers, but also a spatula to flip his homemade burgers. Of course, this spatula also comes with dad engraved on the spatula.

Another novelty gift for Father’s Day you cannot pass on is a magnetic bottle opener. Not that we are going for a beer-theme here, but a magnetic bottle opener can be incredibly useful. A magnetic bottle opener can be put on the fridge, so the chances of misplacing that bottle opener is quite small!

Our last suggestion for Father’s Day is the Self-Shaking Cocktail Mixer. The Self-Shaking Cocktail Mixer takes away all the effort from making a good cocktail on Father’s Day; this is something that a cocktail-loving dad is bound to appreciate.

Of course, there are many other novelty gifts for dads this Father’s Day. Therefore, if you have not found something original for your dad in our brief overview, there are countless other options waiting for you in the Men’s Gift Store catalogue!

Where Can I Go with Questions Regarding the Novelty Gifts at the Men’s Gift Store?

Since the Men’s Gift Store has an immense catalogue with countless novelty gifts for various occasions, it is not uncommon for customers to have questions. Even though we provide product description pages with a lot of information about the item in question, it is always possible that the customer cannot find the information they are looking for. In this case, we urge customers to contact the Men’s Gift Store team for more information. You can contact us via email, instant messaging, or live chat.