Philippi YAP Chess Set

An elegant and durable design piece by Philippi

With pieces standing at the ready, the battlefield clean and smooth, the Philippi YAP Chess Set is as much about the game of chess as it is about beautiful design in an ever-changing world.

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Matte stainless steel in brushed silver alternate with squares of elegant black lacquer. The simple, but stalwart pieces stand proudly at the ready, prepared for battle. And every aspect perfectly balances another. The YAP Chess Set is as cleverly designed as the game of chess itself. It’s innovative, imaginative, and moving. It measures 29 x 29cm.

This gorgeous chess set and design piece is a perfect representation of Jan Philippi’s sharp eye for design. Philippi recognizes beauty in ordinary objects and transfigures them into works of art. These pieces, like the YAP Chess Set, bear his distinct style. Time and time again, they capture your imagination and your heart.

Perfect for chess players and design-enthusiasts, the YAP Chess Set is a great retirement, Father’s Day, or birthday present. For more men’s gift, peruse Men's Gift Store to find every item you need and want.