Flavours of Melbourne 3rd Edition Book

Unlock Melbourne Eateries

He'll love this culinary journey through Melbourne, uncovering funky bars, fun cafes and delightful restaurants all featured in this stunning book along with amazing photography, signature recipes to try at home, and a fold out map.

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Take him on a foodie adventure through the streets of Melbourne with this amazing book as the guide to uncover the best hotspots the city has to offer. Flavours of Melbourne features the best eateries and bars the city has to offer, from the creamiest coffees in the best café’s to the most stunning food by award winning chefs, there’s even some boutique bars to discover too.

Inside is packed with stunning photography and a fold out map to help with the adventure, and it’s not all about destinations and journeys out of the home; there’s also a recipe for the signature dish of each venue, so new flavours can be explored during a fun night in.

480 pages of quality food exploration is here to be enjoyed and won’t disappoint. The perfect gift for men who enjoy delighting their tastebuds and sense of adventure. Measuring 26 x 28cms it’s the perfect size hardcover to leave on display to inspire friends and family to enjoy the best of Melbourne too.

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