Flavours of South Australia Book

By Smudge Eats

Uncover all the hidden flavours of South Australia with this beautifully presented book from Smudge Eats covering everything from cafés to restaurants and bars, with signature recipes from venues to try at home.

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Discover the food joy of South Australia with this beautiful book from Smudge Eats. Flavours of South Australia uncovers South Australia’s most wonderful food destinations from hidden bars to personality filled café’s to exquisite restaurants, it’s all in there, waiting for food explorers to unlock and enjoy the delights

Love a wine? Th Barossa Valley is in there too, alongside beautiful photography filled pages, a wonderful fold out map and 462 pages packed full of the most amazing fine food and adventure. This hardback book will inspire hours of South Australian gourmet adventures for the man in your life who enjoys amazing food and amazing weekends away or foodie road trips, they’ll treasure this beautiful publication.

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One of our favourite gift ideas is Flavours of South Australia, a book packed with information about South Australian cuisine. Flavours of South Australia is a wonderful gift for anyone who is passionate about food, but also for travellers who would like to explore some of the best food locations in South Australia!

Flavours of South Australia is one of our favourite gift ideas for a reason, since the book contains a whopping 462 pages of information. The book provides a guide with hidden bars, cafés, and the best restaurants in the heart of South Australia. Of course, it also contains many photographs to get your recipient’s mouth to water.

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