Flavours of Sydney Book

Sydney's Flavours Uncovered

The flavours of Sydney are here to enjoy complete with signature recipes from each venue that can be cooked and enjoyed at home. Flavours of Sydney is an amazing men's gift for those who enjoy gourmet food.

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Send his tastebuds on an unforgettable adventure through the best of Sydney’s cuisine thanks to the inspiring team at Smudge Eats and their Flavours of Sydney hardback book. Filled with inspiring information on the city’s best venues, including bars, café’s and restaurants, this book is all about celebrating the finest food of the city, some of it well known and some of it hidden and celebrated by those who are regulars.

480 pages that are packed with beautiful photography, amazing information, a fold out map, and as an exciting addition, signature recipes from the venues to try at home to bring a new sense of flavour and excitement for friends and families. Uncover the best that Sydney has to offer with this amazing book that is beautiful enough to be permanently on display in any home. A great gift for men who appreciate Sydney and food.

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