Flavours of Urban Sydney Book

The Foodie Delights of Sydney's Suburbs

A delightful hardcover book for those who are looking for adventure and flavour through Sydney's wonderful suburbs. Featuring carefully selected restaurants, café's and bars full of flavour, along with their signature recipes to try at home.

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If he loves food then there’s lots of book gifts for him that are all about cooking and eateries, but few as amazing as the range from the team at Smudge Eats. When it comes to discovering Australia’s best tasting food and beverages, they’ve got everything covered, including Urban Sydney’s hottest and most beautiful venues.

With 480 pages packed full of stunning images and information, this is a true journey of taste that’s waiting to be enjoyed. Any foodie knows that the gourmet brilliance doesn’t just happen in the heart of the city; suburbs are filled with a multicultural heart that enhances food and experience the way little else can.

With a fold out map, measuring 26cm x 28cm this book is sure to become the eat-out bible for any man who loves a little adventure with his food.

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