Humans of New York Coffee Table Book

Hardcover by Brandon Stanton

Peak into the fascinating, heartbreaking, and romantic lives of men, women, and children photographed and interviewed on the streets of New York City by Brandon Stanton.

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In 2010, Brandon Stanton began documenting the lives of everyday New Yorkers. Equipped with a camera and a pen, he endeavored to take photos and interview residents and travelers as they went about their day. The project’s success is evidenced by his 15 million Facebook followers and the arrival of the much anticipated Humans of New York: Stories.

This collection dives more deeply into the stories, photographs, and interviews Stanton has collected over the years. An anthology this impressive forces readers to come back time and time again to revisit stories that leave an indelible mark on the soul. This is truly one of our most inspirational and moving men’s book gifts. It’s perfect for any occasion and gentlemen of all ages. We recommend giving it as a birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day present.

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What better way to you show care for the guy who loves to have a light ecological footprint than by giving him the gift of experiences? In a current global climate (pardon the pun) that places a huge emphasis on possessions, a perfect way to begin brainstorming for Christmas gifts for boyfriend can start with activities. This could range from getting him closer to nature through a guided bushwalk, or surf lessons that will help him further connect with the planet he cares so much about; or perhaps get the bikes out of the shed instead, and spend time exploring the streets of a funky nearby suburb – bar or café hopping in search of local produce, while getting valuable time together.

Give him that extra time to do what he loves best by giving him a book of vouchers that are specifically related to reducing environmental impact. If he is super keen on recycling, or you feel needs a kick in the bum in that department, giving him vouchers can be wonderful Christmas gifts for boyfriend. You could take over the recycling for a period of time – an awesome way to save money while also getting your recycling system in great working order. Similarly, you could also grab your reusable bags and take him to the local farmers’ market – this is a really nice way to spend time together and well as supporting locally grown produce and the local economy. Farmer’s markets often include stalls providing healthy and delicious lunches and sweet treats, so you can treat him to lunch while you’re shopping.

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Alternatively, you could put together a list of awesome environmental organisations and present it in a cool way so he can choose from a range of causes that you will donate to on his behalf for Christmas. Christmas is the perfect time for this, as he will probably already feel like he has received enough stuff from other people and would love to donate his present from you to a worthy cause.

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