Dads Are The Original Hipsters Book

A Suitable Tribute To The Original Hipster

Give gifts for Dads that make them proud! This brilliantly funny book will surprise kids of Dads of a certain age. It proves they are the original hipsters!

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Blogger Brad Getty started writing about Dads from the 70s and 80s being the original hipsters – and it became hugely popular. Now it's been captured in book form, the makes and awesome gift for Dads as it has captured the real essence of being a hipster. Let the children see how their Dads are in fact cooler than them! The book is packed with photos of Dads from the true golden age of hipsters, with beards galore, checking out their vinyl collection and wearing tight tee-shirts teamed up with funky shorts. These original hipsters are shown partying on down, the way a hardcore hipster ought to!

This gift for Dads will bring him lots of laughs and memories, and like all great gifts he'll treasure it – and probably show off with it. He might even raid the attic to give a fashion show of some of his original hispter clothes! If you'd like your gifts for Dads to have a special touch if you're sending it over a distance, we offer a premium gift-wrapping service with a card containing your personal message. You'll also get a tracking number so you can be sure that Dad gets his hipster gift in the coolest way – on time, and letting someone else do the work!

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Dad’s are the Original Hipsters book

Surprise your dad this father’s day with a gift that he definitely won’t be expecting! This book, written by blogger Brad Getty, has skyrocketed into the spotlight and has become an extremely popular father’s day gift. If your dad sometimes misses the golden years of the 1970’s and 80’s, then this book could be the perfect thing to bring back the memories. It will bring you laughs and some fun banter, and will probably get a place or honour on the coffee table or somewhere in his man-cave.

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