Dogs Hanging Out of Windows Book

Because Who Can Resist This Cuteness!

Have you ever seen a puppy with their heads out the windows of a moving car? Their fur flies, ears flap, and tongue hangs happily. They look adorable, content, and absolutely joyful. This book is pure photography magic of those happy dogs.

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Some books are just special, and you know it as soon as you see it, and this is one of those books. Dogs might be man's best friend but they're also man's best entertainers. A dog hanging out of a window is a spectacular sight, and one that will keep him smiling for hours thanks to this wonderful book. An anthology of beautiful photographs of crazy dogs in motion which include dogs of all shapes and sizes from all over the world. There are over ninety-five stunning portraits,each carefully selected to bring a smile to the readers face. It makes a wonderful gift for dog lovers, or those who just love to smile.

Hardback. Images by Various photographers. Published November 2014.