5 Ingredients, Quick & Easy Food By Jamie Oliver

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He'll impress everyone with his new cooking skills thanks to the wonderful 5 Ingredients, Quick and Easy Food By Jamie Oliver. There's a reason he's one of the world's favourite chefs - because his food is easy to cook and totally delicious!

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Do you know a guy who’s stuck in a bit of a food rut? Maybe he’s cooking the same old dishes over and over again, or barely bothering to cook at home at all… Well, here we have the ultimate rut-breaker, and a book that will motivate just about anyone to ditch the microwavable dinners, and start cooking their own tasty and nutritious meals. It’s Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients: Quick and Easy Food.

This fantastic title contains more than 130 recipes that can be cooked with only a handful of ingredients and minimal time and effort. It has chapters on veggies, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish, rice, pasta, noodles, and desserts, and comes complete with nutritional information, preparation times, serving sizes, and even photographic ingredient guides. Good food made easy!

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5 Ingredients, Quick & Easy Food by Jamie Oliver

This holiday season, the Men’s Gift Store has a real treat for Australian men in the books for him catalogue, more specifically “5 Ingredients, Quick & Easy Food”, the bestselling cookbook by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver! Do you want to know more about this cookbook from the books for him catalogue? Read on to discover more information on “5 ingredients, Quick & Easy Food” from our books for him range, but also discover other cooking-related gifts your recipient will love!

What Can I Expect from “5 Ingredients, Quick & Easy Food” from the Books for Him Catalogue?

5 Ingredients, Quick & Easy Food” is a must-have cookbook from our gifts for him range. It is not only suitable for recipients who love to cook though, because this book is based on the principle of using five basic ingredients to create various meals.

The “5 Ingredients, Quick & Easy Food” cookbook from our gifts for him catalogue contains more than 130 recipes! It also provides in-depth information on vegetables, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish, rice, pasta, noodles, and much more. So, any man with a healthy fascination for food must have this cookbook from the gifts for him catalogue in his collection!

Who Will Appreciate This Cookbook from the Books for Him Catalogue?

As we briefly mentioned before, this cookbook from the gifts for him catalogue is suitable for a variety of recipients. The cookbook will undoubtedly be appreciated by the hobby chef, but also by men who love good food. “5 Ingredients, Quick & Easy Food” from our Christmas gifts for men catalogue is a fascinating read, so we certainly suggest adding this cookbook to your shortlist of men’s gifts this holiday season.

What Other Cooking-Related Gifts for Him Could I Obtain for My Recipient This Holiday Season?

At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find countless cooking-related Christmas gifts for men, which could prove useful for recipients such as gourmet lovers, foodies, and hobby chefs during the holiday season. If you would like some additional Christmas gifts for men suggestions from this category, be sure to check out some of our extra recommendations below.

The Garlic Mincer

Even though this may be a simple present from our Christmas gifts for men catalogue, it is certainly a gift that will be used countless times by the Australian man who loves to cook. Everyone knows the hassle uncrushed garlic can cause, so by choosing the Garlic Mincer from our Christmas gifts for men range, you can eliminate this problem forever!

A Cheese Set

Anyone who spends lots of time in the kitchen already knows cheese is one of the ingredients that needs to be cut a lot! However, a normal knife is not good enough to get through those big cheese wheels, so a cheese set from our men’s gifts range will be appreciated by the hobby chef too.

Customers can find several cheese sets in our men’s gifts range. To ensure your recipient gets the best quality possible, our team hand-selects each of the cheese sets that are added to our men’s gifts catalogue. Therefore, customers can expect superior brands such as Laguiole in our men’s gifts collection!

Themed Tea Towels

Are you searching for a novelty gift that could be added to the kitchen of your recipient? Look no further than one of the tea towels at the Men’s Gift Store. Our themed towels provide superior quality, but also a good laugh each time some dishes need doing!

Salad Servers

Serving your food the right way is important too, just ask some of the world’s most renowned chefs! Therefore, we can certainly recommend some serving tools for the aspiring cook; for example, an excellent selection of salad servers. Even though there are more serving utensils in our collection, salad servers are considered as an essential!


Staying in the theme of serving food, you could also consider gifting your recipient some quality platters, which are used to serve his masterpieces. Taste is important in the culinary world, but so is presentation. So, a good amount of quality platters cannot be missing from your recipient’s kitchen collection!

Storage Cannisters

Someone who cooks a lot could benefit from storing things such as flower and sugar in a more convenient place. At the Men’s Gift Store, you can find special storage cannisters, which are designed for this purpose. Pick some up for your recipient to ensure all his ingredients stay in excellent condition.

Where Can I Get More Gift Ideas for the Aspiring Chef This Holiday Season?

Need some additional gift ideas for the aspiring chef this Christmas? Head to our kitchen range to discover more remarkable gifts for him, or check out the Christmas gifts range to uncover other gourmet or cooking-related gifts he might appreciate.