Beef Club Recipe Book

Hardback. Written by Olivier Bon.

From rump steak to marrowbones, you’ll soon be enjoying every delicious cow-based dish the world has to offer. This recipes in this book are sure to become staples in your dinner rotation!

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Beef Club: A Book for Meat Lovers is definitely a carnivore’s dream. The pages of this mouth-watering book are filled with recipes and drool-worthy photos. With a total of 100 dishes, you’ll never run out of delectable and impressive beef-based meals. Whether you’re cooking for yourself, your family, or to impress a lady, this book will soon be your best mate in the kitchen.

Measuring 18.8 x 27.3 x 3cm, Beef Club: A Book for Meat Lovers will teach you how to make everything from beef tartare to meatballs and hamburgers. Treat yourself to this wonderful item and revel in your meat-loving ways. Or surprise the meat-loving man in your life with the best gift a meat-lover could ask for!

After a hard day's work, the men you know will probably be thinking of a good, hearty steak, kebab or burger to fill their empty stomach! The Beef Club Recipe Book is chock full of mouthwatering beef recipes – it's so good, it will become a staple in any chef's kitchen.

You'll open a new world of possibilities for beef lovers, who'll discover 100 new delicious new recipes. Written by chef Olivier Bon, this is the perfect Father's Day present or a welcome gift for any occasion. Just imagine the options you'll give your friends or family for their summer barbecues!

They'll be impressing guests and will bask in the compliments when you introduce them to new ways to enjoy beef. It combines perfectly with the Davis and Waddell Burger Press is you wish to add to your gift. At Men's Gift Store we offer live tracking for all your orders so you can ensure your gift gets to it's destination on time. Just another awesome gift from Men’s Gift Store, a veritable treasure trove of great gifts for men.