Coffee Encounters Book

From the award-winning team at Smudge Publishing

Perfect for any coffee-lover, traveller or bookwork, this 550 page photo book from Smudge Publishing follows the coffee beans from farm to barista, meeting unforgettable characters along the way.

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From the farmers in Indonesia, through to the pickers, importers, roasters, cafes and baristas; many hundreds of people from all over the world are dedicated to producing that delicious cup of coffee you savour every morning. And now, you can meet some of those unforgettable faces, and watch the entire process unfold in front of your very eyes – all from the comfort of your couch at home!

Coffee Encounters is a wonderful and unique coffee table book from the award-winning Smudge Publishing. The authors traversed the globe, from Indonesia to Latin America and Italy, following those little beans all the way from the farms to your cup – and meeting a host of charismatic characters along the way.

This hard cover book is a generous 550 pages long, and is filled to the brim with incredible photos from many exotic locations. Its dimensions are approximately 25cm by 20cm.