Flavours of New South Wales Book

Jam-packed with recommendations, recipes & photos!

This 540 page book is perfect for the coffee table, the kitchen, or the car! It features more than 120 culinary destinations throughout NSW’s diverse regions, along with stunning colour photography!

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As part of the award-winning ‘Flavours of’ series, comes the stunning and incredibly comprehensive title, Flavours of New South Wales, from Smudge Publishing. This 540 page book – packed with photographs and illustrations – will have him salivating with anticipation, whether in the kitchen, on the sofa, or on the road!

He’ll embark on a culinary expedition throughout regional New South Wales, uncovering more than 120 of the country’s very best restaurants, breweries, wineries, producers, and recipes on his journey. From the Hunter Valley, through to the Central Ranges, Riverina and the Southern Highlands, there will be loads to discover for even the most well-traversed NSW local.

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Discover Various Culinary Flavours with the Recipe Books from Our Gifts for Men Collection!

At the Men’s Gift Store, we often sell gifts for men suitable for gourmet lovers. In this collection of gifts for men, you will find exquisite recipe books and gourmet books, which are bound to be loved by any gourmet lover out there. Curious what flavours and secrets you can discover with the books from our gifts for men collection? Find out in our overview below!

What Is the First Book That Provides Insight into Culinary Flavours?

One of the first books we suggest from our gifts for men collection is “Flavours of New South Wales”. This book covers some of the hidden culinary spots in New South Wales, but also discusses some of the flavours gourmet lovers cannot miss out on when visiting the area.

“Flavours of New South Wales” is a wonderful gift for travellers and gourmet lovers alike. The book counts a whopping 540 pages, containing anything from photographs and illustrations to descriptions of the best restaurants in the region. Gourmet lovers will find more info on Hunter Valley, Riverina, the Southern Highlands, and much more. So, this wonderful gift for the gourmet lover could be appreciated for any special occasion throughout the year.

What Is the Second Book That Provides Insight into Culinary Flavours?

Our next suggestion is another wonderful gift for gourmet lovers, but also recipients with an incredible sweet tooth, because our next suggestion from our online gifts collection is “Freakshakes: Mega Milkshake”, a recipe book displaying some of the best and most elaborate milkshakes in Australia.

“Freakshakes: Mega Milkshake” from our online gifts catalogue covers 80 pages of information, which elaborate on anything from milkshake bases, syrups, sauces, and toppings. With this book on their side, the milkshake lover can experiment with some new recipes, which makes it a wonderful gift throughout the year.

What Is the Third Book That Provides Insight into Culinary Flavours?

Recipients with an interest in blending flavours and being able to cook with base ingredients might find “5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food” by Jamie Oliver a wonderful gift. The book is based on five basic ingredients, which can be used to create a variety of gourmet meals.

5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food” from our online gifts collection is suitable for anyone, which means it can be gifted to someone with little experience with cooking and gourmet foods. If you know anyone who would like to take some new steps in the world of cooking, you simply must consider “5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food” from the online gifts collection.

What Is the Fourth Book That Provides Insight into Culinary Flavours?

Culinary flavours do not always relate to foods, because it can also relate to products such as beers and wines. Therefore, our next suggested gift from our online gifts collection covers some of the finest beers, more specifically “World Atlas of Beer”.

World Atlas of Beer” provides a good read for the beer lover as well as the gourmet lover. It is a guide written by beer lovers Tim Webb and Stephen Beaumont, who have more than 66 years of beer experience between them. If your recipient would love to get more familiar with both modern and traditional beers, then “World Atlas of Beer” should certainly be on your shortlist.

What Is the Fifth Book That Provides Insight into Culinary Flavours?

Our following suggestion should be in the personal book collection of every Australian bloke, since it covers BBQ and beer into the finest detail. The book itself is written by cricket legend Merv Hughes and is titled “BBQ, Beer & B.S. Food to Bowl You Over”.

“BBQ, Beer & B.S. Food to Bowl You Over” contains 186 pages of information on beers and barbecue. It also includes some funny tales provided by Merv Hughes, which means the book could prove interesting for avid cricket fans too. Of course, this book still has plenty to offer in the field of culinary flavours, since the book covers barbecue in quite some detail.

When you choose “BBQ, Beer & B.S. Food to Bowl You Over”, your recipient will also discover countless recipes for the barbecue. There are also some interesting beer pairings for your recipient’s barbecue meals, so this book has so much to offer!

Where Can I Find More Books That Will Provide Insight into Culinary Flavours?

There are more books in our catalogue that provide more insight into culinary flavours. These recipe books do not only cover Australian flavours, but also international dishes such as ramen, American burgers, and so much more. So, if you want to check out more options, be sure to head over to our recipe books collection today.

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