Flavours of Sydney Book

591 pages of recommendations, photos & recipes!

Uncover the very best eateries and drinking spots in Sydney, with the 2nd Sydney edition of Smudge Publishing’s award-winning ‘Flavours of’ series. Packed with >120 reviews, plus photos & recipes.

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Sydney is choc-full of exciting dining and drinking options. But, so many residents still fall into a rut – constantly returning to the same old haunts. If this sounds like someone you know, then spice up his life, with the wonderfully comprehensive Flavours of Sydney: 2nd Edition guidebook from the award-winning Smudge Publishing!

Over 591 pages, this book traverses Australia’s biggest city, revealing one-hundred-and-twenty of its very best places to eat and drink; anything from quirky hole-in-the-wall bars to world-famous restaurants. And, with gorgeous colour photos and recipes to try at home, it truly is a feast for the senses!

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Approximate dimensions: 27 x 15 cm.

Top Recipe Books from Our Christmas Gifts for Men Collection!

Recipe books from our Christmas gifts for men collection are extremely popular during the holiday season. One of these recipe books from the Christmas gifts for men catalogue makes a wonderful gift for the gourmet lover and foodie, but also recipients with an interest in cooking. Curious what the best recipe books are in the Christmas gifts for men collection? Find out in our overview below.

What Is the First Top Recipe Book from the Christmas Gifts for Men Catalogue?

Our first top recipe book from the Christmas gifts catalogue is “Flavours of Sydney”, a wonderful gift for anyone with an interest in the culinary secrets of Sydney. The book covers anything from hidden restaurants and cafés to unique Aussie recipes for the gourmet lover.

“Flavours of Sydney” from this wonderful gift overview is a 2nd Sydney edition from the award-winning ‘Flavours of’ series. It includes at least 120 reviews, as well as photos and recipes any gourmet lover will appreciate.

Customers can find more books from the ‘flavours of’ series in our collection. So, if you know someone who collects these books, be sure to pick another recipe book from this range to ensure a wonderful gift for your recipient.

What Is the Second Top Recipe Book from the Men’s Gift Store Catalogue?

The next top recipe book from our collection makes a wonderful gift for anyone with a preference for pastry recipes, since our next suggestion is “Pierre Herme Macaron, the Ultimate Recipes from the Master Patissier”.

As the name of the recipe book suggests, the recipe book from the Men’s Gift Store includes countless recipes from world-renowned pastry chef Pierre Herme. The recipe book is mainly aimed at the traditional macaron, but still provides many variations of the original recipe too.

What Is the Third Top Recipe Book from the Men’s Gift Store Catalogue?

At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can certainly find many recipe books written by celebrity chefs; this includes a recipe book from Nigella Lawson called “Simply Nigella”.

Simply Nigella” covers most feel-good foods but gives them a modern twist. Some of the unique recipes you can expect from this recipe book includes Asian-flavoured short ribs, miso salmon, lemon pavlova, and much more. With so many feel-good recipes to choose from, your recipient will have a special recipe for every special occasion.

What Is the Fourth Top Recipe Book from the Men’s Gift Store Catalogue?

Another celebrity chef recipe book that can be acquired from the Men’s Gift Store catalogue is “Rick Stein, from Venice to Istanbul”. As the name of this recipe book already hints at, this recipe book includes countless international flavours suitable for even the most critical gourmet lovers.

With “Rick Stein, from Venice to Istanbul”, gourmet lovers can expect to find recipes acquired by Rick Stein during his travels. It includes recipes from the Middle East, North Africa, Venice, and Istanbul. If your recipient is someone who likes to expand on their cooking skills with some international flavours, then “Rick Stein, from Venice to Istanbul” can certainly prove interesting.

What Is the Fifth Top Recipe Book from the Men’s Gift Store Catalogue?

Our unique recipe books do not always revolve around food alone, because our range also includes recipe books with cocktail and booze recipes. One of these recipe books is “Vodka, a Toast to the Purest of Spirits”.

Vodka, a Toast to the Purest of Spirits” is available at the Men’s Gift Store as a part of a gift set. In addition to the book, you will also receive a cocktail shaker, which will provide your recipient with the perfect tool to try out the vodka cocktail recipes in the recipe book.

What Is the Last Top Recipe Book from the Men’s Gift Store Catalogue?

Our final top recipe book is “5 Ingredients, Quick & Easy Food”, written by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. He based this book on five basic ingredients, which most people already have in their fridge. So, this could be a money-saver for many recipients who love gourmet meals.

As you can expect from Jamie Oliver, “5 Ingredients, Quick & Easy Food”, the recipe book contains many healthy recipes too. Therefore, this recipe book from our catalogue could prove useful for recipients focussed on a healthier lifestyle.

What Other Top Recipe Books Are Available at the Men’s Gift Store?

Our catalogue contains more top recipe books from celebrity chefs, as well as top-selling Australian recipe books. For more information about our available recipe books, please refer to the food & recipe section on our website.

Do you have a question about a top recipe book available at the Men’s Gift Store? Feel free to get in touch with the Men’s Gift Store team, who will be more than happy to answer your questions.