Food Truck Feasts Recipe Book

Hardback. By Erica Budiman.

How about giving the men you know something guaranteed to bring them pleasure – world recipes of food truck feasts. Finger licking recipes from Taiwanese spring onion pancakes to American fried chicken will make him want to hit the road – but no need to –

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The stunningly delicious photography in this impressive hardback book is a feast for the eyes. Cook the scrumptious recipes, and it's also a feast for the tummy. Food Truck Feasts is one of the greatest of our kitchen gifts for men. It reveals recipes that created Australia's most successful food trucks. You'll find the delectable andouille gumbo recipe, Gumbo Kitchen's fried chicken. Another firm favourite of the trucks, The Little Mushroom Co's ratatouille burger, is also here of course! Erica Budiman wouldn't want to deprive anyone of their favourite food truck feast.

Now truck feast lovers can bring this food phenomenon off the road and into their homes, thanks to this kitchen gift for men. They'll find heaps of new recipes, giving them the food they love best. Part of the Food Truck's success is that their recipes are inspired by foods from around the world. The book has chapters divided by continent, so it will have feasts for all tastes, and is sure to introduce exotic flavours to even the most unadventurous guest!

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How To Choose The Best Kitchen Gifts For Men


Choosing the right gifts for the men in your life can be difficult, if not impossible. However, there are a huge range of things which you can buy them which will be well received and which the men in your life will enjoy. Although many men aren’t comfortable in the kitchen and don’t cook a lot, many others are, and do!


Kitchen gifts for men are a relatively new idea, and buying a knife set or cookbook for a man isn’t seen as strange in the way it once may have been. Choosing kitchen gifts for men is actually very easy, especially when you realise how many interesting things there are on the market. The following tips will help you with your choice:


Look for something which is useful


Don’t fall into the trap of buying a gift just for the sake of it. Rather, go for something which is useful in the kitchen and which the person you are giving it to will actually use. For example, you wouldn’t buy a coffee plunger for someone who already has a coffee machine, would you? In the same way, make sure that every gift you buy is relevant and useful for the person that you are buying it for.


Book gifts for men can be good options


Although they may not be an obvious choice, book gifts and cookbooks can make great presents for the men in your life. Most men enjoy fast food right? Why not buy them something like the Food Truck Recipe Book by Erica Budiman so that they can indulge in their favourite fast foods - at home!


This book comes complete with all of the greatest recipes and industry secrets which are used by Australia’s most successful food truck operators. Book gifts for men a good, kitchen gifts for men are better, and fast food is always a win. Buying this book for a man in your life will ensure hours of fun in the kitchen as he tries to perfect his favourite recipe.


Start with simple kitchen gifts


If the man who you are buying a gift for isn’t used to cooking or very good at it then be sure to start simple. Don’t go out and buy him fancy utensils or appliances just because they look good or because you want them. Rather, go for simple kitchen gifts for men which are easy to use and engaging for a man who may have a low attention span (as many do!).


Buy kitchen gifts for men which are relevant to them


Don’t fall into the trap of buying an expensive, fancy gift just because you can. Go for things which are relevant to the person you are buying for. If he enjoys food truck meals, then the Food Truck Feasts Recipe Book will be a great option. Likewise, if he enjoys barbecuing, then buy him BBQ gear. It doesn’t matter what kitchen gifts you buy, but make sure that they are relevant and enjoyable to him!