Freakshakes: Mega Milkshake Recipe Book

Satisfy his sweet-tooth, with milkshakes gone mad!

As seen popping up at trendy dessert bars all over Australia – freakshakes are like milkshakes on steroid, packed with crazy toppings! Teach him how to make them with this 80 page book by Paul Cadby!

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The hottest trend to hit the dessert bars of late is without a doubt the freakshake: decadent and colourful milkshakes packed with syrups, ice creams, and chunks of cake, cookie, and donut! *Mmmm – donut.*

So, why not arm the sweet-tooth fanatic in your life with this comprehensive guide to the freakshake? With chapters covering everything from the base, to the syrups, sauces and toppings, he’ll be treating himself and his guests to café-style freakshakes in no time! And, he’ll have you to thank (hopefully with a lifetime supply of freakshakes).

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Author: Paul Cadby

Format: Hardcover

Length: 80 pages

Dimensions: 19.8 x 19.8 x 1.3cm

The Best Recipe Books for Men! Discover Them at the Men’s Gift Store!

Recipe books have been unique gifts for female recipients for years, but now they are becoming more popular for men too. With men spending an increasingly large amount of time in the kitchen, one of the recipe books from our gifts for men catalogue could be greatly appreciated. Want to discover some of our top picks, which could make unique gifts for a hobby chef? Find out more below!

What Is the First Recommended Recipe Book from the Gifts for Men Catalogue?

Our first suggestion is Freakshakes: Mega Milkshake, a recipe book that would make a wonderful gift for a recipient with a sweet tooth. Freakshakes: Mega Milkshake contains 80 pages with the most unique milkshake recipes, which is bound to keep the dessert lover entertained for many hours.

Freakshakes: Mega Milkshake is written by Paul Caddy. The book contains chapters describing every part of a good milkshake; this includes the base, syrup, sauces, and toppings. So, Freakshakes: Mega Milkshake is a wonderful gift from our gifts for men catalogue for anyone who likes to be a little creative in the kitchen.

What Is the Second Recommended Recipe Book from the Gifts for Men Catalogue?

Our second suggestion from the gifts for men catalogue is a wonderful gift for health food lovers, since our next recipe book is written by celebrity chef and healthy food guru Jamie Oliver.

5 Ingredients from our unique gifts collection is one of the bestselling recipe books from the celebrity chef. Instead of providing men with a list of countless ingredients for one meal, he works with five ingredients you can find in most fridges. So, say goodbye to those expensive recipes with unpronounceable ingredients, because this wonderful gift will ensure gourmet meals with minimal effort.

What Is the Third Recommended Recipe Book from the Unique Gifts Catalogue?

Our next suggestion is a wonderful gift for men who love cooking in their kitchen just as much as they love barbecue and beer; this because our next suggestion is BBQ, Beer & B.S. Food to Bowl You Over.

The BBQ, Beer & B.S. Food to Bowl You Over is a recipe book written by cricket legend Merv Hughes. The book counts 186 pages and contains more than just recipes! It contains recipes, hilarious tales, BBQ tips and loads more. So, be sure to consider this outstanding recipe book from our unique gifts collection for the hobby chef with a love for barbecue, beer, and possibly cricket!

What Is the Fourth Recommended Recipe Book from the Men’s Gifts Catalogue?

Does your recipient have a love for ramen? If so, you cannot miss out on this unique recipe book from the Men’s Gift Store, more specifically Ramen-Topia. Inside this book, your recipient can find more than 60 variations of ramen, giving your recipient plenty of ramen to try out.

Ramen-Topia measures 20 cm x 24 cm x 1.7 cm and counts 112 pages. It covers all the information you need for proper ramen preparation; this includes working with wheat and even gluten noodles. It also covers some topics such as toppings, so if you are buying for a ramen fanatic, this will be a good choice.

What Is the Fifth Recommended Recipe Book from the Men’s Gifts Catalogue?

Our next recommendation is a recipe book everyone should have in their home, whether you are a cooking fanatic or not. Roast is a classic recipe book that could make anyone’s mouth water, providing anything from a recipe for the traditional roast to seafood variants.

Roast contains 208 pages, which include a total of 70 roasting recipes. The recipe book is divided into various sections, providing information on roasting specific ingredients; this includes red meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, and more.

To ensure the recipe turns out right, your recipient will have many photographs to compare the result too. Of course, he can also use this book simply to get an appetite.

What Is the Final Recommended Recipe Book from the Men’s Gifs Catalogue?

Our last recommendation covers some of the finest Australian foods. The recipe book is written by Matt Moran and is titled Matt Moran’s Australian Food Coast & Country.

Matt Moran’s Australian Food Coast & Country takes a closer look at some of Australia’s signature dishes. It includes recipes with seafood, fresh seasonal vegetables, meats, and the finest Australian cheese. In short, a recipe book nobody can resist.

Where Can I Find More Recipe Books for Men at the Men’s Gift Store?

At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find a special section that only includes recipe books. Simply head over to the books section on our website and select the food & recipe filter to see your available options. Having trouble finding what you need? Get in touch with our friendly team for some assistance.