Lonely Planet's Global Beer Tour Book

Help him plan the ultimate beer pilgrimage!

272 pages, jam-packed with expert notes, practical tips & amusing trivia about drinking beer around the world! It profiles 30 countries in 6 continents, & is perfect for the coffee table or rucksack!

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Do you know a guy who loves beer? Okay, stupid question... Well, does he love travelling as well? If so, then you’re about to make him a very happy man, with Lonely Planet’s Global Beer Tour

This 272 page hardback book is the stuff dreams are made of: a comprehensive guide to the best craft beers, breweries, and bars, within thirty different countries spanning every continent (aside from Antarctica, of course).

Each country profile is accompanied by expert notes on regional tastes and brewing styles, along with practical tips on cultural awareness, language, and local foods that go great with beer. There are also recommendations on sights to see without straying too far from the tasting trail. And, at 210x165mm, it looks great on a coffee table, while also fitting perfectly within a rucksack!

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Global Beer Tour

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