The Masters at Home: Recipes, Stories & Photographs

Photographs by David Loftus

What do world-famous chefs cook in the privacy of their own home? Find out with this wonderfully insightful cookbook, filled with recipes, interesting stories, and gorgeous photographs.

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In Michelin Star-winning restaurants around the world, famous chefs slave over each dish in an endless pursuit of culinary perfection. But what do these chefs enjoy cooking for dinner each night? What comfort foods will you find being eaten at their own dining room table? The Masters at Home: Recipes, Stories and Photographs reveals all, taking us into the personal homes of 33 world-famous chefs, including: Ferran Adria, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, and many, many more!

Each chef featured in this wonderful book provides three recipes. Before you know it, your kitchen will smell like the personal kitchens of your favourite culinary masters!

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