Recipe Book: Pierre Herme Macaron

Hardcover by expert French pastry chef Pierre Herme

Book gifts for men about the latest rage are sure to please. He won't want to be left out of what's happening right now, especially if it's learning how to make Macarons! With this book by pastry aficionado Pierre Herme, he'll be able to bake his own to h

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If you don't know exactly what a macaron tastes like, well here's the perfect opportunity to find out – and get the men in your life to make them for you! This book will show you the expert way to create these delicious, light and perfect summer pastries. If you imagine a mountain of macarons, and also a mountain of French pastry chefs, well Pierre Herme and his macaron recipes will be at the top! He is credited with bringing the macaron to the peak of popularity. Thanks to him, these colourful, sweet delights are now displayed in shops around the globe.

Macaron: The Ultimate Recipes from the Master Patissier is a great book gift for men with a sweet tooth. Herme shares both classic and more creative macaron recipes, such as wasabi cream with strawberry. The book offers such a huge variety of delights, your male chef will find himself becoming ever more popular as guests drop in for tea and one of his macarons! Do a man a great favour this Father's Day, Christmas or any occasion by sending him this delectable book gift for men.