ROAST The New Classics Recipe Book

His Mouth Will Be Watering In An Instant!

He'll be the king of roasts with this awesome gift. He'll know how to create the best roasts whether it's seafood, beef, chicken or the meat of his choice, there's recipes, tips and techniques and more to make him the king of the roast!

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For succulent meat that falls off the bone, and mouth-watering aromas that fill the house, you simply can’t go past a good roast! But how many of us know more than one – or maybe two – good roast recipes? Well, it’s time to finally use that oven to its full potential, with Louise Franc’s ROAST recipe book!

This comprehensive 208 page hardback gives easy-to-follow instructions for more than 70 simple yet absolutely delicious roasting recipes. It contains chapters dedicated to red meat, seafood, poultry, veggies, sides, and scrumptious desserts, along with guides on carving a wide range of common roasting meats.

So, aside from the old faithful beef pot roast, imagine cooking up beef cheeks in red wine, sticky pork ribs, ducks with cherries, and slow-roasted peach with crème fraiche! Recipes accompanied by plenty of colour photos that’ll have you salivating.

Dimensions: 26x22x2 cm