Buxton Hall Barbeque's Book Of Smoke

Hardcover Cookbook by Chef Elliot Moss

Real barbeque takes time and care. This cookbook is filled with everything a man needs to know about using traditional methods to make the best barbeque humanly possible!

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Buxton Hall BBQ is a restaurant that knows how to do barbeque right. They don’t cut corners and they don’t use cheap tricks. They take their time to make the most out of each and every dish. Head chef Elliot Moss shares this philosophy in his enjoyable and instructional Buxton Hall Barbeque’s Book Of Smoke. In this hardcover book, Elliot combines delectable recipes with advice about how to use traditional smoking methods. These tips range from building a whole smoking pit to making the most out of limited space.

The recipes in this cookbook include Buxton Hall favourites like Catfish Stew, Smoked Deviled Eggs, and Banana Pudding Pie. This 208-page book is 25.4 x 20.3cm.