Great LEGO Sets: A Visual History Book

Appropriate For Children Aged 7+ Years

This fantastic and fun book features classic LEGO sets from the 1970s, 1980s, as well as some more recent favourites. It also provides interesting insight into 80 years of LEGO and their iconic sets.

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For the man who fondly recalls his childhood LEGO sets, Great LEGO Sets: A Visual History is the perfect way to take walk down memory lane. This book comes complete with 300 captioned and annotated images of iconic LEGO sets. 80 years of LEGO history fill these colourful pages to the brim! From the Space and Castle Sets of the 1970s and 1980s to the more recent Star Wars and LEGO Movies Sets, this book will not disappoint.

LEGO collectors and enthusiasts are in for a real treat! Included with this book, you’ll find a Micro-Scale Space Cruiser. Fun and informative, Great LEGO Sets: A Visual History is a wonderful gift for any occasion, any time of year!

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