Essential Skin Care & Grooming Reference

The Ultimate Men's Grooming Guide

Keep him looking as great as possible thanks to the men's bible for skincare and grooming from Chris Salgardo. With advice on everything from hair to skin to suit men of all lifestyles, he'll love this book whether he's hipster or a bad boy.

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Introducing the ultimate skincare guide for men, it’s the perfect men’s gift for the guy who wants to look great, but not necessarily look too obvious about it. Whether he’s a sports lover, a bad boy, or a hipster – the president of cult skin-care line Kiehl – Chris Salgardo has the perfect advice to keep him looking great in the must-have book MANMADE: The Essential Skincare & Grooming Reference For Every Man


Providing guy-specific information on grooming, this book covers topics like hair, either having too much or too little and aging concerns, as well as how to keep skin in perfect shape whatever his lifestyle. This Hardcover book is 240 pages packed full of the ultimate advice.

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