Marvel: Expanding Universe Wall Chart Book

A unique 30 page book and 8 foot wall chart!

Here’s one for the comic book fans! Michael Mallory has documented the intersections between more than 300 characters and storylines from Marvel’s many titles, in a 30 page book and 8 foot wall chart!

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The Marvel comics franchise is made up of over 300 main characters distributed between dozens of comic book titles. But, keen observers are convinced that all of the Marvel storylines take place within the same universe. And now, international authority on animation and pop-culture, Michael Mallory, presents the most detailed summary of this universe yet, with this incredible book and wall chart!

On one side, it reads like a book – 30 pages choc-full of trivia, fun-facts, lists, and a massive quiz all about the Marvel Universe. But then, flip it over, and it folds out into a stunning wall chart nearly eight feet long! The chart is like an infographic that shows over 300 characters, and the web of similarities, relationships, and overlaps in their stories.

This is a gift that will be treasured for years to come by comic book fans. Its dimensions when folded are 357x255x15 mm.