Periodic Table of Football, Hardcover

All The Football Essentials He Needs

Capturing all the elements of Football, he'll love this fun sports book that's the perfect men's gift for the Football Fan in your life.

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We all know someone who’s a crazy soccer fan, and we all know how much he’s going to love The Periodic Table of Football.Nick Holt is an expert on all things football and has cleverly researched and categorised players ,coaches, managers and more into a periodic table crafted just for this great game.

Forget precious metals and minerals, this hardcover book is all about a precious sport. Filled to the brim with facts and information, this is a great gift for men who love to know their favourite sports inside out. As the world’s most popular sport, Soccer fans will love celebrating the familiar and not-so familiar stars of the game and learning all there is to know in a unique way.