The Pocket Square Hardcover

Jacket Pocket Meets Fabric Equalling Dapper Style

His jacket pocket will always look perfect with this ultimate guide to The Pocket Square. Featuring 22 folds for a range of fabrics and occasions, a simple piece of fabric will transfom his jacket pocket for all events.

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If he loves fashion, then he’ll love this fun book taking him step-by-step through 22 ways to fold The Pocket Square and add a touch of personality to his jacket pocket. Whether it’s silk, cotton or linen fabric there are full colour instructions and plenty of advice on how to fold everything from ‘Bouquet’ style to ‘Presidential’ style pocket squares.

This hardcover book is the ultimate resource for guys and makes a great gift for men who love to show their personal style and flair when out at functions. His jacket pocket will never be boring again thanks to author Alexander Phillips and this fun hardcover book.