Smoke - New Firewood Cooking Recipe Book

Hardback By Chef Tim Byres.

Written by a Texas chef, Smoke is the ultimate guide for BBQ masters-to-be. Tim Byres details how to perfectly incorporate a smoky flavour into barbecue favourites, like ribs and Cornish hens.

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Don't settle for boring cookbook gifts for him, we've got one that stands out for it's unique cooking and taste creations. Written by celebrated Texas chef Tim Byres, Smoke breaks down all the secrets you need to add a smoky authenticity to any food.

Tim Byres is an award-winning chef, one who strives to divulge his must-have knowledge for imbuing your BBQ with the best in smoky, delicious flavours. This book, separated into need-to-know sections to make an easier read, teaches you how to make scrumptious sauces and spice rubs from scratch, how to properly prep your grill with smoky techniques, and how to build your own fire pit for a classic spit roast.

Readers will love how many recipes are combined in this one awesome cookbook, too! Not only are there smoky must-haves for meat and tons of vegetables, but there are also canning and preservative tips, as well as recipes for jams, desserts, relishes, and salsas.

No wonder Smoke is one of our best-selling gifts for men!