The MAN Plan

Get Your Sh*t Together

Pull your life together with this simple compendium of indispensable life advice. From cooking and staying fit to snagging the perfect woman, The Man Plan has everything you need to shape up!

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The Man Plan brings you life advice with a side of humour, making self-improvement fun and easy. This bestselling guide for modern men, written by James Kerley, covers all the important bases: food, sex, health, and finances. Want to get or stay fit and healthy? In this guide you’ll find fitness advice, workouts, and shortcuts. But you’ll also find delicious advice on how to cook an incredible meal. Need career advice? This is the place! Want to know more about the physical and psychological aspects of sex? You guessed it: this book as it all!

Among our selection of men’s gifts, The Man Plan is one of the best! Its practical, funny, and the perfect present for the man in your life who could use a little nudge.