World Atlas Of Beer Book

Essential reading for any beer-lover!

This is the essential guide to the world of beers for any drinker. With 66 years of experience between them, the authors cover traditions, styles, brewing techniques, food-pairing & correct pouring!

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It’s a great time to be alive for the beer-lovers out there. The explosion of craft brewing the world over has led to quality and variation never seen before, along with the resurrection of nearly-forgotten styles! And, to keep up with the myriad of styles, flavours, and traditions, it’s hard to beat Tim Webb and Stephen Beaumont’s ‘World Atlas Of Beer’.

This comprehensive guide has loads of information, fun-facts, advice and tips on the best beers available the world over. From the many different brewing techniques, to correct pouring and food pairing, and regional trends and traditions, this book has it all! And, with Tim and Stephen both being world-leading beer writers, with 66 years of experience between them, who better to hear it from!?

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Dimensions: 23x29x2.8cm