American Smoking BBQ Class, NSW/QLD/VIC

Charcoal Smoking, Slow Grilling, & Dry Rubs

One budding BBQ buff will join a 3hr class led by a qualified chef, learning the tricks of 6 iconic American dishes. Food and beers included! Bookings available on weekend timeslots in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and the Hunter Valley.



We Australians might already consider ourselves to be the masters of the barbecue, but there are more than a few tricks we can learn from our friends in the USA, to help break the monotony of beef snags, grilled onions, and chat potatoes.

This three-hour class, available in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and the Hunter Valley at scheduled times on weekends, gives attendees a solid introduction into the world of the great American BBQ, characterised by mouthwatering dry-rubs and sauces, charcoal smoking techniques, and the “low and slow” approach to produce juicy meats that will fall off the bone.

Upon arrival, participants will receive everything they’ll need for an afternoon on the grill – an apron, utensils, quality ingredients, a full set of notes and recipes, and, of course, a selection of tasty brews! After whetting the whistle with grilled Turkish bread dipped in Pukara Estate oils and balsamic vinegar, the class will prepare six iconic American dishes, inspired by the country’s four main BBQing regions, under the friendly and expert guidance of a qualified chef. The mouth-watering menu will be as follows


- Jalapeno poppers, wrapped in crispy bacon

- Uncle E-Rock's famous baby rack ribs, with an apple bourbon barbecue sauce


- Pulled-pork with Memphis Mop Sauce and a cabbage and apple slaw

- ‘Low and slow’ Cape Grim brisket – Texas-style

- Smoked corn accompanied by jalapeno & lime butter


- A cinnamon & chilli spicy chocolate brownie

Most importantly, the class will get to feast on each of their incredible creations, and leave with full bellies, their own copy of the notes and recipes, and the ability to wow friends at home by recreating the delicious delicacies!

Terms and Conditions:

Participants are encouraged to wear covered footwear and comfortable clothing. A minimum age of eighteen years applies. The menu is subject to change with seasonality. Voucher redemption is organised directly with the experience provider, and subject to availability. Once a booking has been made, it can be rescheduled free-of-charge if more than three days’ notice is given, or at a cost of $50 with 1 to 3 days’ notice. Cancellation on the day or failure to attend will result in forfeit of the voucher. The voucher is valid for a single participant, and must be redeemed within 12 months from the date of purchase. Any other important details will be emailed out after the checkout process is completed.

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