Seafood BBQ Cooking Class, NSW/QLD

Seafood Delicacies Meet Gourmet Grill

Give him the opportunity to build on those BBQ skills with a creative gourmet seafood menu! Participants will both learn & cook, as well as feast on their efforts at the end of the class; tasting each dish with matching wine! Sydney & Brisbane locations.



We love BBQ’s here – it is part of our entertaining culture to have friends and family around to enjoy some delights straight from the grill. Our Seafood BBQ Cooking Class NSW/QLD gives one fellow the chance to go beyond the standard snags, steaks and chops and enter a flavorful world of gourmet options to truly impress the guests. The perfect gift experience for the budding home chef, or those who want to get out of their comfy recipes space and learn something unique, new and exciting.

Our experience is conveniently offered in both Sydney and Brisbane, and is held mostly on the weekend. The class goes for around 3 hours, and includes both a hands-on learning experience, as well as a demonstrative aspect to get the full educational experience.

The class will be guided through 4 incredible BBQ seafood dishes by a qualified chef – including a starter, entrée and 2 mouth-watering mains. And the best part of the experience is that the participants will feast on their creations at the end – enjoying large portions of each dish matched perfectly with Audrey Wilkinson & Cockfighters Ghost wines. So make sure he knows to bring his appetite!

When the participants arrive, they will be greeted with some Turkish Bread with Pukara Balsamic and Oils to start their experience, before beginning their learning and cooking journey. The sumptuous starter includes the creative Patak’s Korma BBQ King Prawn Skewers with Toasted Coconut and Lime, before beginning the exciting entrée of BBQ Spiced Crusted Squid Salad. The scrumptious mains consist of Crispy-Skinned Salmon Fillet with Wilted Greens, Ginger and Sesame, as well as BBQ Whole Roasted Spiced Snapper! Each recipe is sure to impress any guest.

Due to the matching of delicious wines with each delectable dish, this class is only for guys 18 years and over, and all bookings will be made directly through the experience provider – who do recommend participants wear closed shoes and comfy clothing. Men’s Gift Store experience vouchers are redeemable directly with the experience provider with full details provided upon purchase. Recipients have 3 years to use the full value of the voucher.

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For more information about any of our gourmet gifts or experiences, please refer to the product description page that belongs to the product. Do you have some extra questions about our gourmet gifts? Do not hesitate to contact our team today!

Seafood BBQ Cooking Class

At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find all kinds of experiences in the gifts for him catalogue. These cooking classes are suitable for many recipients, especially the Australian gourmet lover. If you wish to learn more about one of our cooking classes, or simply would like some inspiration for the gourmet lover from our gifts for him catalogue, be sure to read on!

What Is the Seafood BBQ Cooking Class from the Gifts for Him Catalogue?

The Seafood BBQ Cooking Class from our Christmas gifts for men range is probably one of the most original men’s gifts in our store. The Seafood BBQ Cooking Class from the Christmas gifts for men catalogue includes a lesson from a certified chef and lots of culinary enjoyments, which makes this experience from our Christmas gifts for men catalogue extremely suitable for the gourmet lover.

During the Seafood BBQ Cooking Class, your recipient will learn four BBQ seafood dishes; this includes a starter, appetiser and main meals. Of course, your recipient also gets to enjoy his own creations once the class is over.

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Even though we have disclosed some great gift ideas for foodies and gourmet lovers today, there is a lot more to discover in our catalogue. To get additional gift ideas for a gourmet lover or a foodie, simply search for the relevant term or visit one of the gourmet sections in the catalogue.

Do you have a question about any of the gourmet gifts mentioned today? Or do you need more information about one of our gourmet experiences? Feel free to contact the Men’s Gift Store team for more information. Contact us by telephone, email, or the instant messaging option on the website.