Beer & BBQ Cooking Class, NSW/QLD/VIC

Including an Entrée, Two Mains, & a Dessert!

He’ll join in a three-hour-long class, where he’ll be taught how to cook a delicious 4-course meal on the BBQ, and then devour it all along with 4 tasty craft beers. Available in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or the Hunter Valley.



Plenty of fellas like to brandish the barbecue tongs like a pro, and are comfortable enough poking snags, chops, potatoes and onions around the hotplate. But, ask them to pull out all stops and host a multiple-course gourmet feast, and they’ll probably be in way over their depth! So, they’ll be forever grateful if you give them a voucher to the Beer & BBQ Cooking Class, hosted by the BBQ School!

This three hour class, run by a qualified chef and master of the grill, will see participants putting together a four-course meal featuring seafood, chicken, steak, and pudding; complete with a range of accompanying sauces and salads. And, to top it all off, they’ll be devouring their delicious creations, and washing it all down with four characterful craft brews. The class is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and the Hunter Valley at scheduled times (Thursday nights and weekend afternoons).

Upon arrival, participants will be greeted with crusty Turkish breads to dip in oils and balsamic by Pukara. The chef will then lead them through the preparation of the meal, by demonstrating how it’s done, and then supervising as the class gets plenty of hands-on practice. Aprons, utensils, and ingredients will be provided, and each participant will be given their own set of recipes and notes to keep. The menu will typically entail:


Half shell scallops in Nahm Jihm sauce, with a crunchy salad


Jamaican Jerk & beer chicken, with sweet potato wedges

A Cape Grim scotch fillet, with a basil, feta and pea salad


Dark & white chocolate lava cake, with cream & balsamic strawberries

If that doesn’t give him the tools to impress at the next shindig, nothing will! As beer will be served throughout the class, all participants will need to be eighteen years and older, and are advised to wear closed-in footwear and comfortable clothing.

The voucher is valid for single use by one person, and is valid for a 12 month period. It can be redeemed by booking a class directly with the experience provider. Changes can be made to the booking at no extra charge more than three days prior to the date of the event, or at a cost of $50 one to three days prior. Changes cannot be made on the date of the event, and failure to attend will result in forfeiting the voucher. Any other important info will be sent out following the checkout process.

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