FROMAGE Cheese Knife Set of 3

Style For The Entertaining Man

This is the perfect gift idea for men who love to entertain. Featuring a stylish Beechwood handle finish, 2 cheese knives and a 2 pronged fork, everything is covered for serving a range of vintage and gourmet cheese platters at his next event.

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Cheese knives might not be the first gift for men that you think of, but we’ve found the gorgeous FROMAGE Cheese Knife Set that’s sure to impress any guy who enjoys entertaining and appreciates style and quality.

The perfect set for serving a wide range of soft and hard cheeses, this set is also perfect antipasto platters and will look great. Featuring high quality Stainless Steel and gorgeous Beechwood handles, this is the perfect cheese knife set for men from the experts at Mens Gift Store and kitchen experts at Davis & Waddell.

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Do you have a question about any of the gourmet gifts for men available at the Men’s Gift Store? For more information about the exquisite gourmet presents for men, be sure to contact our friendly customer support team. To get in touch with our customer support team about our gourmet gifts, simply give us a call or use the instant messaging function on the bottom of the website.