Hennessy Very Special Gift Set

Because He Deserves The Finest

This smooth Cognac is a drink of distinction that's the perfect gift to celebrate life. Featuring a 700ml bottle of Hennessy Very Special Cognac teamed with stunning branded tumblers, this velvety rich drink is going to delight all his senses.

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Give him the gift of rich, smooth Cognac and delight his senses with vibrant grape flavours and soft vanilla and hazelnut aromas. Hennessy Very Special Cognac is one of the world’s favourites and for good reason. Produced in the Cognac region in France, this velvety drink can be enjoyed neat, or served with a mixer or in cocktails, but for purists they’ll love enjoying VS one sip at a time.

Beautifully presented in a gift box, inside he’ll find a 700ml bottle of Hennessy Very Special, along with two Hennessy Tumblers. These are perfect for serving friends or just enjoying on a quiet evening at home. A wonderful Father’s Day gift idea, a delightful Christmas gift for Dad, or an equally wonderful gift of celebration for any special man in your life.

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The Best Liquor and Beer Gifts for Men This Holiday Season!

With Christmas coming a little bit closer every day, it is certainly time to start that essential Christmas shop. If you need several Christmas gifts for men this year, we are almost certain you will need some liquor and beer gifts. Fortunately, you can count on the Men’s Gift Store to provide you with top recommendations from the Christmas gifts for men range this holiday season. So, read on to discover which Australian gifts for men match your liquor or beer-loving recipient.

Which Cognac Is Best for Christmas?

Even though whisky tends to be the most popular liquor in our Christmas gifts for men catalogue, there are many men who enjoy a good cognac during the holiday season too. Customers can find many cognac gift ideas in our range, but none as wonderful as the Hennessy Very Special Gift Set from the Australian gifts for men section.

The Hennessy Very Special Gift Set from our recommended Christmas gifts for men overview is special for many reasons. Firstly, Hennessy is considered as the best cognac in the world, so choosing a gift set from this brand will go down well with any cognac lover. Of course, there is a second reason why this gift set scores high on our list of recommended Christmas gifts for men, since this gift set also includes two genuine Hennessy tumblers!

Which Whisky Is Best for Christmas?

Since there are countless popular whiskies you could choose from our Australian gifts for men catalogue – including Glenmorangie and Jameson – we decided to suggest something a little different. Even though this option is mainly known by whisky connoisseurs, it is certainly a good gift idea for whisky lovers with a refined taste.

One of the most exquisite whiskies in our Australian gifts for men range is the Ardbeg Quadrant Whisky Pack. This whisky gift set from our Australian gifts for men catalogue has held the prestigious title of “World Whisky of the Year”, making it an excellent choice for critical whisky connoisseurs. Of course, like all the excellent gifts sets at the Men’s Gift Store, this set contains two branded tumblers to enhance the flavour of this premium whisky.

Which Beer Is Best for Christmas?

When all else fails in the gift department, you can always fall back on beer! Even in the furthest corners of our country, you will find it difficult to locate a true Aussie who does not enjoy a cold beer. Of course, with a beer-loving population also comes a world of choice where beer is concerned this Christmas.

Ignoring all the wonderful beer accessories on offer at the Men’s Gift Store this Christmas, we would certainly recommend adding one of our premium beer hampers to the Christmas list for your recipient. The best selection of beers can be found in our Premium United Nations Beer Hamper, which contains exquisite releases such as Chimay White Trappist and Hoegaarden.

There are additional benefits when you choose one of the beer hampers of the Men’s Gift Store this Christmas. Firstly, you do not have to worry about presentation, since our beer hampers come in a delightful handcrafted wooden box. Secondly, our beer hampers also contain a selection of beer nibbles, which we are sure will be appreciated by your recipient.

Which Wine Is Best for Christmas?

Choosing the right wine for Christmas is often tricky, especially when you are dealing with a genuine wine connoisseur or collector. Fortunately, there are loads of choices at the Men’s Gift Store; this includes a range of accessories wine lovers would like to add to their personal collection!

Of course, if you are looking for a wine recommendation for the holiday season, we certainly recommend the Islander Estate ‘Bark Hut Road’ Cabernet Shiraz, a wine which is found in our Best of All Gourmet Hamper. The wine is characterised by its characteristic tobacco aroma, but also by the high 96-point score it received from wine reviewer James Halliday.

As is the case with all wines in the gift hampers at the Men’s Gift Store, the Islander Estate ‘Bark Hut Road’ Cabernet Shiraz in the Best of All Gourmet Hampers is accompanied by numerous gourmet treats. So, by choosing this hamper, your recipient won’t be short on quality wine nor gourmet nibbles.

Where Can I Find More Cognac, Wine, Beer, and Whisky Gifts for My Recipient This Christmas?

Our liquor and beer-related gifts can be found throughout our online catalogue. However, if you are looking for something specific, you can always use the search bar on top of the website. Simply enter the keyword you wish to search for, and our website will display all relevant products.

Do you have a question about any of the exquisite liquors, wines, or beers available for Christmas at the Men’s Gift Store? Feel free to contact us for some additional information.