Sunnylife Luxe Lie-On Float Rainbow

Novelty Semi-Circle Pool Float with Repair Patch

It’s impossible to know true luxury until spreading out on a big, bright, colourful rainbow and floating around the pool all day. This comfortable, oversized pool float is truly sumptuous!

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Try not to smile when putting around the pool on a gigantic rainbow. It’s practically impossible, because the Sunnylife Luxe Rainbow Lie-On Float is designed for premium relaxation and absolute comfort. It’s made with 0.25mm PVC and measures 89 x 177 x 18cm. A puncture repair patch is included for good measure.

Life is always made sunnier by Sunnylife products. This Sunnylife Luxe Rainbow Lie-On Float is the pinnacle of colour, comfort, and summer fun. In fact, this float makes a wonderful birthday present or Christmas gift! It even comes in a colourful gift box. Men’s Gift Store orders above $99 AU receive free shipping in Australia.

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